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    15 Fast Food Chains That Are Already Living In The Year Of Our Lord, 3022

    I NEED to eat at the McDonald's that was built in an old airplane.

    1. This McDonald's that's giving the doors in Monsters, Inc.:

    2. This A&W that has an easily accessible hand-washing station:

    3. This Swedish fast food chain that hides a lil' Easter egg on their cups:

    4. This Norwegian Burger King that *FINALLY* made a designated spot for you to empty your drink before throwing it out!!!!!!!!!

    5. This chain in Finland that found a way to make sure no crust goes to waste:

    6. This Filipino chain that LITERALLY flags their spicy chicken for you:

    7. This McDonald's that's inside an old airplane?!??!?!?!?!!

    8. This place that said, "Fuck it! Wireless chargers in the tables!!!":

    9. This place that prioritizes decent breath and dental hygiene:

    10. This fast food place's soda machine that must've taken a note from printers and opted for cartridges:

    11. This Subway that gives subs and small drinks to the unhoused free of charge:

    12. This Finnish fast food chain that uses biodegradable boxes and recycled paper bags over less eco-friendly options:

    13. This McDonald's in Hong Kong that's just straight-up from the future:

    14. This Japanese fast food place that gives seemingly endless payment options:

    15. And lastly, this place that rid itself of the evil that is straws:

    H/T r/mildlyinteresting and r/interestingasfuck