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    19 Eco-Friendly Things That Seriously Need To Be More Popular Than They Are

    The future seriously is right now.

    1. This café that uses fettuccine pasta as coffee stirrers since they're compostable!!!

    This cafe uses fettuccini pasta for coffee-stirrers as an alternative to plastic or wood. from mildlyinteresting

    2. These toilet-sink hybrids that cut your water usage IN 👏 HALF!!!!!!!! 👏

    On many Japanese toilets, the hand wash sink is attached so that you can wash your hands and reuse the water for the next flush. Japan saves millions of liters of water every year doing this. from interestingasfuck

    3. These solar panels that charge students' devices while also doubling as a nice shady umbrella:

    These tables at my college campus use solar panels as shade, which in turn provide power for the charging ports on the table from mildlyinteresting

    4. This coffee shop that offers a free cup in return for a big ole bucket of beach garbage!!!!!!

    Free coffee in exchange for some rubbish from mildlyinteresting

    5. This supermarket that opted for some banana leaf packaging instead of *projectile vomits* PLASTIC:

    Thailand supermarket ditches plastic packaging for Banana leaves. from interestingasfuck

    6. This hotel that's all for not wasting soap!!!

    My hotel wants you to take the nice soap home! from mildlyinteresting

    7. This handy-dandy — and not to mention, color-coordinated!!! — trail trash picker-upper!!!!!!!!

    My tour guide's tool for picking up littered bottles along the trail. from mildlyinteresting

    8. This school that takes students' recycled papers and turns them into notepads!!!!!!

    My university makes notepads out of the recycled paper and hands them out to the students from mildlyinteresting

    9. These biodegradable golf balls turned fish food:

    The golf balls at the mini golf on this pier are biodegradable and fall into the sea at the 18th hole from mildlyinteresting

    10. The Rag™!!!!!!!

    This bag of old/stained face towels have been re-used as “rags” at this hotel. from mildlyinteresting

    11. This college that made reusable water bottles conveniently marked with all the refilling stations around campus!!!!!!!

    This bottle has a map of all the water-filling stations around campus on it. from mildlyinteresting

    12. This fresh take on a fruit label:

    Mango with label stamped into it instead of having a sticker from mildlyinteresting

    13. These shirts that were miraculously woven from plastic bottles?!??!?!?!?!!!

    Shirts made from plastic bottles from mildlyinteresting

    14. This restaurant that repurposed old sewer pipes into surprisingly cool and industrial outdoor seating...?!?!?!

    This restaurant near my house uses concrete sewer pipes for outdoor seating from mildlyinteresting

    15. This detergent that comes in a 100% recycled cardboard bottle:

    This detergent comes in a cardboard bottle from mildlyinteresting

    16. This bank that went with envelopes made from flower seeds that you can LITERALLY JUST PLANT IN THE GROUND as soon as you're done with them!!!!!!!!

    My bank uses an eco friendly envelope which you can put in the ground and the flower seeds within the paper will grow from mildlyinteresting

    17. This supermarket that said, "Paper bags >>>>>>>>> heinous plastic containers":

    This super market had tiny paper bags instead of plastic containers to reduce waste from mildlyinteresting

    18. This toilet that flushes with rainwater, which can sometimes be a little weirdly colored but is SOOOOO much better for the environment!!!!!!!!!

    The toilets in these bathrooms flushes with rainwater. from mildlyinteresting

    19. And lastly, this company that sells "ugly" lemons that taste the same but just might not stand out on a produce shelf and usually end up getting thrown away:

    This lemon company sells ugly Lemons that don’t make the cut for their normal bags. from mildlyinteresting

    H/T: r/mildlyinteresting.

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