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College Admission Officers, What Are Some Secrets And Stories You Have From On The Job?

We wanna hear how it really works.

Have you ever worked at a college as an admissions officer? If so, we wanna hear what that was really like.

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Like, we wanna know what reeeeally goes on behind the scenes when deciding who to let into your school or not.

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Maybe you worked at a college that basically divided the applications into two different piles at random and one pile all got accepted, and the other, rejected.

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Or perhaps you've dealt with some of the most overly controlling parents trying to get their kids into your school and you just have a LOT of wild stories.

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Maybe you even dealt with a true college admissions scandal.

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Or maybe there are just things that applicants always go about the wrong away and you just wanna air out your grievances.


Whatever you've got, we wanna hear it! Tell us your ✨secrets 'n' stories✨ in the comments below and you just might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!!!