21 Charts About The U.S. That Are Fascinating, Fun To Look At, And Incredibly Eye-Opening

    Americans love a good infographic!

    1. This elevation map that shows you just how diverse the US's landscape is:

    2. This comparative chart on the blueness of the sky in different US cities...??????

    3. Here's which countries are directly across the ocean from the US:

    4. This graph of just how much snow qualifies for a snow day in each of the 50 states:

    5. These are the most visited websites across the US, for your nosy pleasure:

    6. Here's what America would look like if all potential state votes had passed:

    7. And all of America's different highway signs, in case you were wondering!!!!!!!

    8. Here are the American urban legends, compiled into one neat infographic!!!!!!!!

    9. These are Americans' life expectancies, based on the state they live in:

    10. All the different kinds of American houses, ya know, if you're into architecture and stuff:

    11. This comprehensive chart of the biggest employers per state:

    12. Here are the places in America with the fastest rising real estate prices:

    13. This chart on the deadliest highways in America:

    14. Here's just how much prices have changed in America over the years:

    15. Behold, the revenue of America's fast-food chains:

    16. And here are all the different minimum wages:

    17. Introducing the various cultural regions:

    18. salutes sandwiches:

    19. Here are all the varying yard sizes across America:

    20. This one's a little darker, but here's how much of your life the US has been at war:

    21. And lastly, this rough translation guide that is unfortunately all too correct:

    H/T: r/coolguides