Pedro Pascal, Jenna Ortega, And 32 Other Celebs In Their First Paparazzi Photos, And Then Again In Their Most Recent Ones

    I am looking 👀 (curiously).

    1. Here's Pedro Pascal in his most recent professional photo:

    Pedro in a shirt and pants with a sweater around his neck

    And here he is with Sarah Paulson (they were just friends, LOL) back in 2005:

    Sarah and Pedro holding hands

    2. Here's Bella Ramsey at Paris Fashion Week recently:

    Bella  in patterned overalls and a short-sleeved top

    And here she is at the British Academy Children's Awards back in 2018, looking cute as a lil' button!!!

    Bella in a loose front-zipper jumpsuit

    3. Here's Jenna Ortega at the recent Scream VI premiere:

    Jenna on the red carpet in a deep-V short shirtdress and high-heeled sandals

    And here she is looking adorable at a charity event back in 2014!!!!!!!!

    Wearing a "Love" hat and wrapping a gift

    4. Here's Rihanna performing at the Super Bowl, as she should 😌💅:

    Rihanna onstage in a red jumpsuit

    And here's "Bad Gal" RiRi playing at a sliiiiiiightly quainter venue (on NBC News at Rockefeller Center) back in 2007:

    Rihanna onstage in a short flared dress with spaghetti straps

    5. Selena Gomez recently stunned at the 2023 Golden Globes:

    Selena smiling in a velvet, sleeveless gown with a front slit and puffy arms

    And here she is stunning — once again — at the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party in 2008:

    Selena smiling on the red carpet in a short large polka-dot dress

    6. Here's Hailey Bieber in New York City the other day fleeing all of the recent drama:

    Hailey on the street in a leather jacket and shorts or a short dress

    And here she is making her first red carpet appearance in 2004 at the Shrek 2 premiere:

    Hailey in a sweater and Shrek ears headband

    7. Here's Justin Bieber's most recent look:

    Justin in jeans and a puffy jacket

    8. And here he is back in his Radio Disney days (aka 2009):

    Justin with the Radio Disney logo behind him

    9. Here's Jonathan Majors as of late, looking handsome:

    Jonathan in a bow tie and slim pants and jacket

    And here he is back in 2017 at a press junket for his show When We Rise:

    Jonathan smiling in jeans and a short coat

    10. Here's Michael B. Jordan, as we know him today:

    Michael in a pantsuit and turtleneck

    And here he is at an All My Children promo shoot circa 2003:

    Michael in braids

    11. Here's Onscreen Elvis™ himself, Austin Butler, at the 25th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards not long ago:

    Close-up of Austin in a jacket and a transparent shirt open at the top

    And here he is in his Disney Channel heartthrob era (2008):

    Austin smiling in jeans, a shirt, and a jacket

    12. Here's icon Michelle Yeoh at 2023 Paris Fashion Week:

    Michelle in a short-sleeved sequined dress

    And here she is waaaaay back in 1996 at the premiere of Supercop:

    Michelle on the red carpet in a short shiny, sleeveless dress

    13. Here's Stephanie Hsu being a gorgeous, gorgeous girlie at the 2023 Film Independent Spirit Awards:

    Stephanie in an off-the-shoulder mid-calf dress with a front slit

    And here she is at a Hulu premiere in 2016:

    Stephanie smiling on the red carpet in overalls

    14. Here's Harry Styles at the 2023 BRIT Awards:

    Harry on the red carpet in a flared pantsuit with large corsage

    15. Aaaaand here he is getting some snacks with Cher Lloyd and Zayn Malik in 2010...yum, yum!!!

    Harry on the street holding a shopping bag, with Cher and Zayn behind him leaving a store

    16. Here's Quinta Brunson at the 2023 Writers Guild Awards:

    Quinta on the red carpet in a satiny sleeveless gown

    And here she is many moons ago at the 2016 Shorty Awards:

    Quinta in a sleeveless, halter-top dress

    17. Here's Tyler James Williams at the 2023 SAG Awards:

    Tyler on the red carpet in a bow tie and pantsuit

    And here he is in a promo shoot for Everybody Hates Chris back in 2005:

    Close-up of Tyler as a boy leaning on a stoop banister

    18. Here's the glowing Sheryl Lee Ralph at the 2023 Film Independent Spirit Awards:

    Sheryl on the red carpet in a sleeveless flared dress


    Sheryl in jeans and a short-sleeved crop top

    19. Here's Janelle James at the Writers Guild Awards recently:

    Janelle on the red carpet in a long-sleeved gown with a front slit and deep V cut

    And here she is performing stand-up on Late Night With Seth Meyers in 2019:

    Janelle onstage holding a microphone

    20. Here's Lisa Ann Walter at a pre-Oscars event the other day:

    Close-up of Lisa in a sweater and wearing several thick necklaces

    And here she is struttin' on the red carpet at the 1996 American Music Awards:

    Lisa in a lace-up leather corset top and gown with cape

    21. Here's Pete Davidson presenting recently at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards:

    Pete holding a microphone and wearing sunglasses, a beanie, and a jacket

    And here he is performing at a New Jersey comedy club in 2011:

    Pete holding a microphone and wearing a T-shirt

    22. Here's the mother of the collective, Miss Julia Fox, in Paris for the latest Fashion Week:

    Julia in a leather long-sleeved top and bikini shorts with huge, thigh-high furry boots

    And here she is back in 2017 with model Richie Shazam:

    Julia and Richie in pantsuits with matching prints and with their arms around each other

    23. Here's king Dan Levy at a fashion show the other week:

    Dan in jeans, a blouse, and a long coat

    Aaaaaand here he is posing with Schitt's Creek producer Amy Segal — still serving glasses — in 2009:

    Amy and Dan in leather jackets

    24. Here's Reneé Rapp at a recent party for Interscope Records:

    Reneé in jeans and an "Off the Record" crop top

    And here she is at the Broadway premiere of Freaky Friday (the musical) in 2018:

    Smiling Reneé in a bandeau top and pants

    25. Here's Aubrey Plaza at the 2023 Film Independent Spirit Awards:

    Aubrey smiling in a pantsuit

    And here she is in 2009...go off, rain boots!!!

    Aubrey on the red carpet in mid-calf rubber boots, straight pants, a shirt, and a sweater

    26. Here's our beloved Jennifer Coolidge looking LUXURIOUS at the most recent SAG Awards:

    Jennifer on the red carpet in a body-conscious gown with long sleeves

    And here she is at the Best in Show premiere in 2000...ALSO LOOKING LUXURIOUS:

    Jennifer in a short sleeveless dress

    27. Here's Reese Witherspoon at the premiere of Daisy Jones & the Six (her latest producing endeavor):

    Reese in a strapless button-front dress

    And here she is looking bright-eyed and baby-faced in 1991!!!!!!!!!!

    Close-up of Reese with long hair

    28. Here's Emily Ratajkowski serving plant recently:

    Emily in a large leaf top and pants

    And here she is just serving in general in 2012:

    Close-up of Emily in a V-neck outfit

    29. Of course, here's Miss Kimberly Kardashian in Milan the other day:

    Kim in a matching miniskirt and long-sleeved top with a belt motif

    And here she is all the way on the right with her fam-bam at the Cinderella VHS release in 1995:

    Kim with sisters Khloé and Kourtney, brother, and parents

    30. Here's Kylie Jenner at a Fashion Week show in Paris not too, too, toooooo long ago:

    Kylie in a strapless deep-V top and skirt gown

    And here she is on the red carpet with Kendall Jenner and their parents at the turn of the century:

    Kylie on the red carpet with Kendall and their parents, Caitlyn and Kris Jenner

    31. Here's Kendall Jenner walking for Prada at Milan Fashion Week 2023:

    Kendall in a long duffle coat on the runway

    And here she is with her parents in 1998, aka her pre-Kylie days (Kylie was born, but she was only 1 year old, so no red carpet for her):

    Kendall being held by Caitlyn Jenner with Kris Jenner standing next to them

    32. Here's T-Swizzle at the most recent Grammys, looking rather bejeweled (as you BEST believe):

    Taylor Swift on the red carpet in a two-piece sparkly outfit with midriff-baring, long-sleeved, high-neck crop top and skirt gown with train

    And here's the queenie queeeeeeeen at the 2006 CMT Music Awards:

    Close-up of Taylor in a spaghetti-strap outfit

    33. Here's Florence Pugh at a movie premiere in the UK, rocking an all-black look...j'adore!

    Florence on the red carpet in a high-neck pantsuit with cape sleeves and train

    And here she is, once again, leaning into the all-black ensemble in 2013:

    Florence on the red carpet in a black capri V-front pantsuit and jacket

    34. Here's Chris Pine recently, aged like a fine, FOINE wine:

    Chris in a checkered pantsuit and tie

    And finally, here he is in 2004:

    Close-up of Chris in a suit and tie