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    18 Cat Posts From This Week That — To Put It Simply — Are Very Important

    Meow meow. Meow?

    Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

    1. This angel bb rocked her ✨💖strawberry sweater💖✨!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t believe she let me put this on her 🍓🥺

    Twitter: @khanflake

    2. This queen celebrated her quinceañera!!!!!!!

    Kinda busy today, it’s my cat’s Quinceañera.

    Twitter: @joshcorey9

    3. This rather plump princess sat like so, much to our pleasure:

    Girlfriend’s cat snorted then did this. She’s still doing it.

    Twitter: @MikkiHereEgo

    4. This kitters enjoyed some LOUD ✨meowijuana✨:

    I rolled the cats a catnip joint and I am fucking LOSING IT

    Twitter: @cutetiapine

    5. This sweetums lacked a few brain cells, but we found them endearing nonetheless! 😌

    Twitter: @lunarcrossing_

    6. This tabby enjoyed their new WFH setup!!!!!!

    Twitter: @michaelscat2

    7. This Scottish Fold said 👁️        👁️:


    #catsoftiktok #fyp #scottishfold #cat

    ♬ original sound - joe equality baker

    8. This bean gave us ✨literal teacher's pet✨ vibes!!!!!!!!!!

    literally can’t stop thinking about my teachers cat

    Twitter: @tedfancam

    9. Four words: CATS. ON. TINY. COUCHES.

    Twitter: @uwucuteables

    10. This lil' one saw our heart eyes, and raised us Heart Ears™!!!!!

    kitten has hearts behind her ears

    Twitter: @uwucuteables

    11. This smol pea enjoyed a blissful plant nursery nap!!!


    I would do anything for this cat 🥺 #fyp #foryoupage #nursery #columbus #cat #cats

    ♬ original sound - lyrindaniele

    12. This sweetie simply just could NOT wait to say good morning!!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭

    Every morning, our cat patiently waits at my sons' bedroom door for them to wake up. And it's not to be fed - he just can't wait to see them. from aww

    13. This bébé looked like a lil' brain, but in a cute way!!!!!!

    everybody please stop what ur doing and look at these wrinkly kittens

    Twitter: @DarthLux

    14. This floof graced their throne:

    my mom just sent me these pictures of my cat and I-

    Twitter: @quenblackwell

    15. These folks enjoyed some top-notch treetop relaxation:

    oh to be a cat sleeping peacefully without any responsibilities or worries

    Twitter: @uwucuteables

    16. THE 👏 LADY 👏 CAT 👏 SENT 👏 IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👏

    Twitter: @kanekosbaby

    17. This hunny bun projected every last ounce of hatred onto their hooman:

    This cat is G R O M P Y from aww

    18. And lastly, I leave you with the one, the only.........Strawberry Cat™ 😌:

    Twitter: @gatitos_qctd