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    15 Animal Tweets That I Hold Near And Dear To My Heart, And I Think You Will Too

    I love them. ALL OF THEM.

    1. This week, this BIG BOYE met this smallini bobini!!!

    Met a little mouse on our walk. Despite his size, Pod was very careful with it. My gentle giant 🥺

    Twitter: @JackCooper92

    2. This very handsome ring bearer completed his marital duties in ✨style✨:

    Home from a wedding where my job was to escort the ring bearer 😻

    Twitter: @larsonrichard

    3. The Met Gala's ✨best dressed✨ was revealed:

    Twitter: @buckybwidow

    4. This lil' bean put on THE MASK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No one cared who I was until I put on the mask

    Twitter: @dulce_muse

    5. This cutie sported their Corgi Crocs™!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Twitter: @PAVGOD

    6. ✨ANNIE✨:

    Twitter: @yatogamikuroh

    7. This bulldoggoli staunchly advocated for Wrinkly Potato Autumn!!!!!!!!!!

    This is Tony. He’s been patiently waiting for hot girl summer to end so he can start his wrinkly potato autumn. 13/10

    Twitter: @dog_rates

    8. This puppalini paid a visit to the Doggie Stick Library!!!

    Twitter: @humorandanimals

    9. This lil' kitterini won the superlatives of both The Teeniest and The Tiniest!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Twitter: @adviceburner

    10. This big-eared bean feuded with LITERALLY EVERYONE at doggy daycare:

    i am dead. her dog got beef w the whole daycare 😭

    Twitter: @LRNROSE

    11. Behold, some cats who were ***VERY*** anti-vet:

    Just cats that don't want to see the vet

    Twitter: @mattafaak

    12. This Silly Seaside T-Rex™ prowled the shores:

    Oh c’mon. We only rate dogs. This is a Silly Seaside T-Rex. Please evacuate the beach immediately. Thank you… 13/10

    Twitter: @dog_rates

    13. This small bearded man of notoriety told wise tales:

    This is Teddy. He has been on a Himalayan retreat for the past 3 years and requests to be caught up to speed on the state of the world. 14/10 this could take a while Teddy #SeniorPupSaturday

    Twitter: @dog_rates

    14. This artifact of ancient archaeological kitter feetsies was discovered:

    "Cats have been messing shit up since the dawn of time" is my favorite brand of archeology

    Twitter: @faera_lane

    15. And lastly, this uninhibited night rider made THEIR ESCAPE!!!!!!!!!!

    Twitter: @AnimalChanneI

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