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Casino Workers, Tell Us Your Wildest Secrets And Stories

What happens in Vegas........gets posted on BuzzFeed.

Have you ever worked at a casino? If so, we wanna hear what that was really like.

Maybe you've observed that people will do just about ANYTHING to keep a hot streak going — even if that means peeing their pants, pooping, or what-have-you at the slot machine.

Or maybe you've seen someone lose a truly UNFATHOMABLE amount of money in one sitting, like, we're talking SEVERAL MILLION(!!!!!!!) here.

Perhaps people dying at slot machines is more common than one might think, and sadly, you've had a fair share of experience with it.

Or maaaaaybe you've just encountered SO 👏 MANY 👏 CHARACTERS 👏 at your casino that you have too many stories to count. LET'S HEAR 'EM!!!!!!

So whatever your ✨secrets and stories✨ may be from on the job, please share them with us in the DropBox below (or submit them anonymously here!). Our favorites may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!!!