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    Brooklyn Is Apparently "Running Out Of Oat Milk," Thus Inciting Hipster Outrage

    TOO...MUCH...*gasps for air*...LATE CAPITALISM...

    According to The New Yorker, Brooklyn is officially "running out of oat milk," and no offense, but this is the most Brooklyn-hipster thing I have ever heard. Ever.

    Oatly, the original oat milk manufacturer, now officially, like, owns Brooklyn. By preaching its product's "nutritional value and minimal environmental impact" and pairing it with a pastel-colored Insta aesthetic? Yeah, no twentysomething hipster can resist it. It's just, like, a fact!!!!!!!

    ANYWAY, now that Oatly is running low on its product, pretty much everyone in Brooklyn is freaking the FUCK out:

    Seems to be another @OatlyUS shortage in NYC, and this is NOT how I want to start my week… 😩😩😩

    I’m gonna start crying 😭 😢... let us please at least buy it ONLINE!! @OatlyUS

    And this public outcry has resulted in — I kid you not — the publication of the MOST 👏 BROOKLYN 👏 PARAGRAPH 👏 MAYBE EVER:

    Meanwhile, oat milk is news to me(???) and apparently to Kent from Twitter as well:

    Did you know there’s a shortage of oat milk? Did you even.know there was oat milk?

    And Amy over here has HAD IT with the youths and their milkless milks:

    But regardless of your stance on oat milk or hipster culture, Oatly has reassured its loyal consumers that it'll be restocked on Whole Foods' shelves *very* soon:

    'Cause "it's good," I guess...?

    oat milk..................... it's good

    *urgently hops on the L train to the nearest Whole Foods*