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    17 Funny Tweets About Boyfriends And Husbands That'll Make You Shake Your Head Disapprovingly

    "As a feminist, I miss my boyfriend."


    hi it’s 1:30am and my boyfriend just shot a roach with a blow gun.. didn’t use a shoe oh no, too casual a blow gun


    Me: Husband, please stop leaving empty wrappers on the kitchen surface. Husband:


    My boyfriend really just sneezed sitting 5 feet away and texted me this 🙄


    sooo my mom caught my boyfriend at the house and this was the video she sent me 😂😂😂


    I just found out that my husband fills the dog's water dish not from the tap, but from the fridge's water purifier feature. "She'd do the same for me", he said.


    My boyfriend gone tell me, he got my name tatted. I said where.... he gone say on 2k 😑😂


    I often think about the time my ex thought I was cheating on him with a craft store


    So my friend got a spray tan yesterday She woke up this morning and found it on her boyfriends leg 😭


    I had a fever lastnight and my boyfriend thought the thermometer was a pregnancy test 😂😂


    I think the worst story of me getting cheated on is when I caught this man with a hickey on his neck... He looked me dead in my eyes and said “this not a hickey baby, you know my chains fake.”



    I was standing in the line at McDonald's yesterday and just as I got to the counter my boyfriend kissed me and then loudly said 'you are the best sister ever' and walked away and the girl in McDonald's looked at me in disgust and I've never wanted to die so much in my life


    So coworker received some flowers this morning from a random person, She told her man about it and her man acted quick 😂


    hahahaha there goes my drinking partner 😔


    I appreciate my husband cleaning before we have guests coming over but he always cleans the weirdest shit. Our kitchen will look like a tornado blew through but instead of putting shit away this dude will be up in the attic scrubbing the walls like “iT hAs To Be CLeAn eMiLy”


    Me and my girlfriend dated once when we were younger and now again as adults (9 years apart) I dumped her in a text when we were 17 and anytime we watch a movie that is ab breakups she still will say “i wonder if he dumps her in a text” girl’s never forget a thing.


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