This Blind Dog Has A Seeing-Eye Puppy And It's The Purest Thing You'll See All Week

    I would die for Charlie and Maverick, and I mean that.

    Recently, @dog_rates tweeted about two golden retrievers named Charlie and Maverick — Charlie is an 11-year-old glaucoma survivor, and Maverick is his 4-month-old companion.

    In addition to being Charlie's smol fren, Maverick also works very hard as Charlie's very own seeing-eye puppy!!!

    Because I cherish these two *ever so much*, I went on high alert for their Instagram (which I found and linked, as you can see!!!!!) and got in touch with their pawrents to find out more about what their life is like!

    "We originally got Maverick because we wanted our newborn son to grow up with a dog," Charlie and Maverick's mom, Chelsea Stipe, told BuzzFeed. "It just so turned out that he was also helpful to Charlie!"

    As you can see on their Instagram, Charlie and Maverick do just about everything together — whether it's playing tug-of-war, having a pleasant snoozle in the sun, or fighting over the ~coveted~ spot on the couch.

    However, Stipe says the best thing is that Maverick keeps Charlie active: "Maverick encourages more playtime. Charlie also enjoys walking with Maverick, while he does not really like to go solo," she said.

    Stipe added that getting Maverick has really breathed new life into ol' Charlie, saying: "He has bursts of his old puppy-like behavior again."

    To keep up with the adorably wholesome adventures of Charlie and Maverick, be sure to follow them on Instagram!