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    22 ~Blessed~ Dog Posts That'll Basically Sage Your Soul And Realign Your Chakras

    You're welcome, my bbs! πŸ’

    1. He does NOT LIKE the broooosh!!!

    2. When you want the pats but your hooman is too busy checking BuzzFeed...

    3. ExPUPtation vs. reality.

    4. He's so. Fuckin'. Precious. When he. SHOWS HIMS TEEFERS!

    5. This Doug the Pug x Queer Eye crossover is everything I never knew I needed...?

    6. And THIS? Now this is just playing with my maternal instincts!!!

    7. *clutches healing crystal with one hand and pets doggo with other*


    9. Umm...this is me?

    10. SOUND. ON.

    11. Floofy boye does an art appreciate!!!

    12. Lint roll his roO0oO0oO0lls!!!!!

    13. Don't be fake, you know this is 106% accurate.

    14. SUM- πŸ‘ -MON πŸ‘ HIM!!! πŸ‘

    15. He do a li'l BOOGIE DANCE!!!

    16. "Gorgeous. Stunning. Radiant."

    17. *anything by Britney plays*

    18. HE SEEK REVENGE!!!!!!!

    19. *begs her to be the godmother of my future children*

    20. He is a looooooooooooooooooooooong boye!

    21. Someone play this track in the clurb this weekend, okay?

    22. You: "Does he know any tricks?!" Me: "Oh, just the usual ones. Sit, stay, roll over, dab..."

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