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22 ~Blessed~ Dog Posts That'll Basically Sage Your Soul And Realign Your Chakras

You're welcome, my bbs! 💁

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1. He does NOT LIKE the broooosh!!!

Instagram: @lnstagrampups

2. When you want the pats but your hooman is too busy checking BuzzFeed...

Instagram: @bitch

4. He's so. Fuckin'. Precious. When he. SHOWS HIMS TEEFERS!

Instagram: @dog

5. This Doug the Pug x Queer Eye crossover is everything I never knew I needed...?

Instagram: @itsdougthepug

6. And THIS? Now this is just playing with my maternal instincts!!!

Instagram: @handsome_henry_pug

7. *clutches healing crystal with one hand and pets doggo with other*

Instagram: @readiers

11. Floofy boye does an art appreciate!!!

Instagram: @gloriousgoldens

12. Lint roll his roO0oO0oO0lls!!!!!

Instagram: @grumble_of_5

13. Don't be fake, you know this is 106% accurate.

14. SUM- 👏 -MON 👏 HIM!!! 👏

Instagram: @pug_addictsss

15. He do a li'l BOOGIE DANCE!!!

Instagram: @mister

16. "Gorgeous. Stunning. Radiant."

Instagram: @sexualising

17. *anything by Britney plays*

Instagram: @bark

19. *begs her to be the godmother of my future children*

Instagram: @pupflix

20. He is a looooooooooooooooooooooong boye!

21. Someone play this track in the clurb this weekend, okay?

Instagram: @bxtchsalti

22. You: "Does he know any tricks?!" Me: "Oh, just the usual ones. Sit, stay, roll over, dab..."

Instagram: @animalsmeettheinternet

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