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    19 Craigslist Ads That Belong In The Craigslist Ad Hall Of Fame

    How much for the toilet paper seeds?

    1. This eerily reminiscent voodoo doll:

    3. *THE* accessory of choice for holiday season scammers:

    4. This wasp nest decoy, guaranteed to scare off any and all electricians or your money back:

    5. This heartwarming missed connection:

    6. This gallon of Mario Milk™ (VERY RARE!):

    7. These separately sold products for the diehard Yankees fan:

    8. The Infinity Sanitizer, and for a STEAL!!!!!!!

    9. Hospital grippy socks, but make it chic!

    10. This glass table:

    12. Aaah, yes. Toilet paper seeds!


    16. This Walmart pole, classic:

    17. This "ponch":

    18. This very inconspicuous iPhone 11:

    19. And lastly, this long dick:

    H/T: r/WTFgaragesale and r/CrackheadCraigslist.

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