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13 Pictures That Show How President Biden Redecorated And De-Trumpified The Oval Office

*sages every inch of the Oval Office*

1. Here was Trump's Oval Office:

2. And here's President Biden's Oval Office today:

3. Trump had a portrait of Andrew Jackson looking over him.

4. Now Biden has Benjamin Franklin.

5. Trump had a bunch of busts around the office, like Abraham Lincoln, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.*, and Winston Churchill.

6. According to the Washington Post, Biden got rid of Winston Churchill and has added the busts of Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt...

7. ...and Latino civil rights leader Cesar Chavez.

8. Biden also has lots of pics of his fam bam on his credenza thingy.

9. Meanwhile, Trump's credenza thingy seemed to have some old family photos, but mostly his "Challenge Coins."

10. Biden opted for the Dark Academia chair, which we love!

11. While Trump has used many chairs, including the Dark Academia one, he eventually chose this reddish-brown leather chair. Ew!

12. He also had military flags flanking him on all sides.

13. Biden put those away.

Anywho, let's just hope Biden's team saged the Oval Office in addition to redecorating!