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    15 Teachers Who Perfectly Curated The Signs In Their Classrooms

    These are high art.

    1. This handy chart on how to apologize, which is still relevant even into adulthood, let me tell ya........:

    2. This sign that encourages diligent fact-checking from a young age:

    3. This sign that makes valid points!

    4. This chart that I should probably_ T-H-I-N-K _about more often:

    5. This wholesomely validating sign in an art classroom!!!

    6. This classroom sign that makes everyone's voice heard 💖:

    7. This Macbeth–handwashing crossover:

    8. This reminder to please keep things both clean and ✨METRIC✨:

    9. These truly iconic math posters:

    10. This classroom sign that advocates for communal sanity 😌:

    11. The Meme Zone™, classic:

    12. This visually confusing (but very cool!!!) guide to figuring out what year undated world maps are from:

    13. This honestly impressive Rick and Morty mood lightener:

    14. This English teacher who said what we were all thinking:

    15. And lastly, this ominous Pinterest-esque reminder: