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10 LGBTQ Podcasts For Anyone Who's Currently The Q (Questioning) In LGBTQ

Maybe you'll recognize yourself in some of their stories.

With the pandemic, a lot of people had time to actually sit and ask themselves what it is that they really want — and for a lot of us, the question of sexuality came up.

So if you're currently questioning if you're not exactly straight, here are some podcasts that you might find comforting, enlightening, or just fabulously entertaining! Regardless, these 10 are DEFINITELY worth the listen.

1. #QueerAF

2. Nancy

3. Lesbian Chronicles: Coming Out Later in Life

4. Queery with Cameron Esposito

5. Busy Being Black

6. The Things That Made Me Queer

7. Trans Questioning Podcast


9. Catch up & Clue in

10. The Heart

What LGBTQ podcasts are ✨YOUR✨ favorite? Let us know in the comments!!!

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