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10 LGBTQ Podcasts For Anyone Who's Currently The Q (Questioning) In LGBTQ

Maybe you'll recognize yourself in some of their stories.

With the pandemic, a lot of people had time to actually sit and ask themselves what it is that they really want — and for a lot of us, the question of sexuality came up.


So if you're currently questioning if you're not exactly straight, here are some podcasts that you might find comforting, enlightening, or just fabulously entertaining! Regardless, these 10 are DEFINITELY worth the listen.

1. #QueerAF

A podcast by Nation Student Pride, #QueerAF features LGBTQ students, graduates, and podcast producers as they share their stories of self-discovery, sexual and gender identity, and all things beyond the binary.

Episode to start with: "Am I Asexual Or Ashamed Of Sex?" or "I'm gay, but also a homophobe"

2. Nancy

On Nancy, hosts Kathy Tu and Tobin Low aren't afraid to have incredibly personal (and sometimes taboo) conversations with queer folks and allies. They've spoken to a United Methodist pastor who came out as a lesbian, talked about how the economy is inherently cis-het, and discussed the moment of meeting a queer person who inspires you to be like them when you grow up.

Episode to start with: "Return to Ring of Keys"

3. Lesbian Chronicles: Coming Out Later in Life

Made for people who've discovered their sexual identity later in life, Lesbian Chronicles centers around the experiences of Alli and Melisa, two women who left their heterosexual marriages and are now navigating their lives being out and proud.

Episode to start with: "How did you know?"

4. Queery with Cameron Esposito

Querry is hosted by stand-up comic Cameron Esposito and covers different personal stories of sexuality, civil rights, and the changing cultural conversation around gender identity. Queery also has the COOLEST guests, including Lena Waithe, Roxane Gay, and Bob the Drag Queen, just to name a few.

Episode to start with: Literally any!

5. Busy Being Black

Busy Being Black describes itself as an "oral history project" on the intersections of Blackness and queerness. Episodes feature different Black activists, authors, artists, and other luminaries in conversation with Josh Rivers, a former editor of Gay Times. Together, they go beneath the surface and explore their identities as queer Black people.

Episode to start with: "George M. Johnson — All Boys Aren't Blue"

6. The Things That Made Me Queer

Crystal, a drag queen from Season 1 of RuPaul's Drag Race UK, invites guests on to pinpoint five things that "made them queer," with things ranging from lesbian haircuts to latex catsuits to Patrick Swayze molding clay.

Episode to start with: "Latex Catsuits and Queer Visibility with Juno Dawson"

7. Trans Questioning Podcast

On Trans Questioning Podcast, host Sarah Zedig candidly shares her life and experience transitioning as a transgender woman and interviews other trans people about their own transitions and self-discoveries.

Episode to start with: "Conversation with a Transgender Therapist (with Rose Benjamin)"


LGBTQ&A highlights all things regarding modern queer and trans history. Each episode features a different notable guest (Pete Buttigieg, Hayley Kiyoko, Laverne Cox, and more...) talking about the things, moments, and accomplishments that have defined them, their lives, and their legacies.

Episode to start with: Again, literally any!

9. Catch up & Clue in

Hosts Dara Potts and Amelia Dobbs are two twentysomething best friends navigating their friendship from opposite coasts, catching up every week to talk about what's going on in their lives and in the world, and connecting it all through academic readings. In the episode "B Is for Bisexual," Amelia shares her story of unexpectedly falling in love with a woman and grappling with the doubts and bi-erasure that bisexual folks experience all too often.

Episode to start with: "B Is for Bisexual"

10. The Heart

A self-proclaimed "audio art project about intimacy and humanity," The Heart explores all of the different kinds of relationships and connections humans experience. In 2017, The Heart released a season titled "Pansy," which they described as being "where masculinity and femininity meet" and which tells stories of people first beginning to navigate queer life.

Episode to start with: "Ultraslut"

What LGBTQ podcasts are ✨YOUR✨ favorite? Let us know in the comments!!!

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