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    18 Very Goob Dog Posts From The Last Two Weeks

    Pls forgive me for being out of office last week and not posting!!! To compensate, here are TWO WEEKS WORTH OF DOGGOS!!!!!!!!!

    1. This very goob AirPod gifter:

    So uh Chloe has known I’ve wanted airpods for Christmas, so she made them for me. All by herself

    2. This wholesome armchair compromise between Pup Pup and Pop Pop:

    3. A sled dog racer tweeted out bios of all of her dogs training for the Iditarod!!!!!!!

    4. Umm...this:

    Babysit they said. It’ll be fine they said.

    5. These BIG BOYES reunited at last!!!!!!

    6. This lil' wrinkly baby took a mud bath!!!!!!

    my aunt got a new puppy and sent us this video and I think I’ve watched it approximately 37 times

    (Wait for it.)

    7. This looooooooongboi did a timeout:

    Told my dog she was in timeout & she actually did it😭 I feel so bad 😭😭😭


    *Gasolina by Daddy Yankee starts playing* friend: NO DON- me:

    9. THIS NAUGHTY GURL DID A REPENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    omg my mom just sent me this video dlekdjsospsllanaa my dog closes her eyes and pretends she’s not there i’m dead

    10. This pupper just wanted to be included:

    Basically every time we eat dinner my dog starts bawling so we got her a chair so she could be included and she hasn’t cried since😩😩😩

    11. These two shared a v wholesome embrace!!!!!!!!!

    Did my dog just pet my cat?? And did my cat just hug my dog??

    12. This bulldoggo who just wanted to DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!

    13. Kimba here basked in her new *~fortress~*:

    14. This grandpa was surprised with a lil' fuzzy angel bb for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭

    Grandas dog died a few months back and he asked nanny to let him get another one. Nanny passed away a month ago and he has been so lost since, we surprised him with a pup for Christmas today and he is so in love already. He is so precious and deserves the world💙💙

    15. SOPHIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Today a customer told me he got this dog almost 2 years ago & then added “yup we got Sophie then a couple months later my wife passed, just been me & soph ever since. Wouldn’t trade her for anything”. He carries her around everywhere like this & it’s too cute not to share /:

    16. These greyhounds were type-casted perfectly:

    These dogs are the villains in a movie where a golden retriever wins a snowboarding tournament

    17. This sweet baby did his own rendition of a high-five:

    here's ellie doing a high five 🙂

    18. And lastly, this helpful boye gave us a whole 2019 MOOOooo000d:

    Be the dog that intervenes like this in 2019.