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Here's The Best Burrito In Every State, According To Yelp

*immediately plans cross-country road trip based off this list*

We scoured Yelp to find the absolute BEST burritos in each and every one of the 50 states. So without further ado, here are the burrito spots that received the most love from Yelpers!!!!!!

1. Los Dos Hermanos Taco Truck, Birmingham, Alabama,

"I stopped here today and purchased a steak burrito and a steak taco. I was not only impressed with the wait time...the food was awesome. I was biting my fingers." —Yelper Tiffany J.

"My husband loves their quesadillas and burritos. They don't skimp on the meat — which is A+." —Yelper K.P.

2. El Green-Go's, Anchorage, Alaska,

"My favorite food cart in town. They smoke their own meat and it shows. So flavorful and reminds me of home. Love the black bean coconut sauce." —Yelper Jammie R.

"One of their burritos could've fed me and both of my friends. Literally, the burritos are the size of an infant baby, a hoary marmot, a cantaloupe, a wombat, etc, etc. Ha! They're huge. Taste was great, very beautifully prepared and presented. Saw lots of people taking photos of their food!" —Yelper Alana C.

3. The Pork Shop, Queen Creek, Arizona,

"Amazing burritos!!! You honestly don't even need any salsa, just unwrap and let your eyes roll back in your head with the first bite!" —Yelper J.V.

4. Rolando's Restaurante, Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

"The food was delicious! I had a Polo burrito. The food presentation was very eloquent! Loved, loved this place." —Yelper Angelia H.

5. El Primo Tacos, Venice, California

"I got the asada burrito and OMG was it amazing. They throw in the beans, rice, meat, and cheese on the tortilla, then hand it to you to add your toppings (onion, cilantro, habanero mix, and salsas) then you give it back so they can wrap it for you." —Yelper Nancy B.

6. Taqueria La Familia, Denver, Colorado

"This was some of the best food I've ever had! The steak super burrito was delicious and their beef salsa and chips too!" —Yelper Anya P.

"The burrito was big and smothered in goodness. Reminded me of Cali burritos, because that's where I'm from." —Yelper Manda S.

7. Rincon Taqueria, Norwalk, Connecticut

"A very flavorful, very fresh, and very huge meal! I had half a burrito for two meals!" —Yelper Akhtar S.

"The burrito was humongous — it'll take a very motivated and hungry individual to complete it. It's jam-packed with the flavorful meat of your liking, accompanied by rice, beans, and other close-to-heaven fillings." —Yelper Lamar J.

8. Burrito Express, Bear, Delaware

"Best burritos ever! They are packed full of fresh ingredients and are so big that I end up taking half of it home every time. Be will never want a burrito from anywhere else after eating here." —Yelper Sara L.

9. Los Bocados, Parkland, Florida

"The burrito is my favorite! It's soooo much food! They put the burritos on the grill to give the tortilla a nice crunch. The roll-up is so beautiful and holds until the last bite." —Yelper Elana B.

"I ordered the Carne Asada burrito — it's a must. It has a spicy-but-sweet side to it. This is a place you must go to." —Yelper Tiffany C.

10. El Trompo Mexican Taqueria, Alpharetta, Georgia

"Fast, casual, AUTHENTIC! Love this place! The burrito is the size of your head and loaded with flavor! " —Yelper Pejman D.

11. Acevedo's Hawaicano Cafe, Kahului, Hawaii

"The burrito is awesome, and this is coming from a Texan who's snobby about her Tex-Mex." —Yelper Hayley D.

"My boyfriend and I split a Carne Asada burrito and I'm so glad we did. These are huge! It was about $10 which I think is pricey, but definitely worth it. I thought the burrito was flavorful and authentic." —Yelper Tammy N.

12. El Paisa Mexican Food, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

"Yummy and large wet burritos served by kind people. [...] The burrito itself was almost exactly how I imagined it might be, although maybe milder than envisioned. Still yummy as heck, with delicious red and green sauce on top." —Yelper Rebecca P.

13. Taqueria Olvera, Fairview Heights, Illinois

"If you are looking for a fresh, delicious burrito with perfectly cooked, seasoned meat, crisp cilantro, lettuce, and some of the freshest salsa you'll ever taste, I highly recommend you go here." —Yelper Doug B.

14. Ricky's Taqueria, Elkhart, Indiana

"I had a chicken burrito and it was humongous! It was two meals — it literally became my lunch and dinner. And for under $7! You definitely want to go there if you're hungry. It was really good, and I love the avocado they throw in there rather than guacamole." —Yelper Jamie W.

"Really good burritos! Authentic food, but a small place that's a little crowded and cramped. Take your great food to go!" —Yelper Brad A.

15. La Regia Taqueria, Iowa City, Iowa

"Burritos are also excellent and very simple which is what I prefer. Just meat, rice, beans, and onions." —Yelper Caren L.

"Phenomenal, phenomenal, phenomenal. I feel like I go here once a week —maybe twice, but don't tell my wife! Nearly every time I get the California burrito with steak. It's so good...I can't not order it." —Yelper Ben D.

16. Tortilla Ranch Mexican Grill, Overland Park, Kansas

"Really enjoyed the enchilada burrito. Very tasty. Everything is made in front of you and you can add on whatever you want." —Yelper Nick V.

"Every self-respecting town should have their own local 'sorta-set-up-like-Chipotle-but-significantly-better-than-Chipotle' Mission-style burrito joint. This one is Overland Park's." —Yelper Margo T.

17. Con Huevos, Louisville, Kentucky

"WOW. I'm not usually excited by places like this, but when a friend of mine wouldn't shut up about it when we went to visit, I had no choice but to try it. I ordered the Burrito de Mama and it was delicious." —Yelper Kristin D.

"I got the Burrito de Mama and it was plenty of food. In fact, it was the perfect amount. Tangy and different." —Yelper Garett B.

18. Rollin Fatties, New Orleans, Louisiana

"Rightfully named, these bad boys are FATTIES and stuffed to the max! It's a miracle they don't come bursting out of their tortilla wrap. There was just enough pico de gallo without it being too soggy. The seasoned basmati rice was light, soft, and seriously flavorful. The red cabbage slaw had a heavenly pickle and honestly, I couldn't decide if I liked the rice, slaw, or protein more. The chipotle cream just tied everything together into a juicy, southern creole-Studio 54-dance party that I want to be a part of forever." —Yelper Lisa Z.

19. Taco Trio, South Portland, Maine

"We were visiting and I read the Yelp reviews and ordered here — we got the deluxe Carnitas burritos. They were huge and flavorful, delicious! Check this place out. You will not be disappointed!" —Yelper Maura B.

"This is the best burrito I have had outside of San Francisco. Also, the salsa bar is legit and the quesadillas are great too. I recommend getting the Burrito Deluxe and California Style." —Yelper Petey F.

20. Tortacos, Gaithersburg, Maryland

"I LOOVEEEE THIS PLACE. They offer authentic Mexican food with great portions and flavors. The service is always great and the burritos make me drool. This place is the spot." —Yelper Haisel C.

"Wow, what a great place! The burrito was amazing and huge! I think it was two pounds! So much flavor in the burrito. I asked for it spicy and with pinto beans which made it even better." —Yelper Michael B.

21. Tenoch Mexican, Medford, Massachusetts

"This place changed me. Best burritos EVER! Their Carne Asada burrito with the works (cheese, guac, cream, pico) is the best burrito I have ever had. Chipotle ruined burritos for me many years ago, but my mom once pressured me into trying a single bite of hers to get me over my hate of burritos — it worked." —Yelper Jailene E.

22. Taco Tienda Mexicana, Madison Heights, Michigan

"I was a first timer this week, and boy, was it delicious! Their burritos are MASSIVE. I could only eat half of the Asada burrito and it was well worth the $7." —Yelper Jenny H.

"An outstanding gem in an unassuming location. The burritos are the closest thing to scrumptious San Francisco-style burritos I've had since moving to Michigan." —Yelper Mandy W.

23. Maya Cuisine, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"I usually get the Carne Asada Burrito! Everything is very affordable (usually under $15) and you'll have extra to take home. If you go there, strike up a conversation with the people working and they are sure to give you the best Mexican Cuisine you've have in the Twin Cities!" —Yelper Shiny S.

24. Burrito Zone & Tamales, Diberville, Mississippi

"This is a local mom and pop burrito joint. It had the best burritos ever, made in front of your eyes. Fresh food, not Taco Bell-grade meat. More toppings than you can think of. The burritos are huge! Put what ever you want on it!" —Yelper Truong N.

25. Taco Circus, Saint Louis, Missouri

"I only come here for their Mission-style burritos. Highly rec. They 100% take me back to growing up in the Bay Area! Those things are beasts." —Yelper Allie H.

"We tried the fajita burrito, Frito pie, beef and fajita tacos. Yum on every single thing. Huge portions. Everything was fresh and crisp...cilantro, fresh red tomatoes — we even watched them chop fresh potatoes." —Yelper Amy K.

26. El Vaquero Taqueria, Helena, Montana

"Deliciously messy. So much food packed in an $8 burrito — fresh, well done. A really nice find for lunch." —Yelper Francesco R.

"The burritos here are excellent! I ordered the regular size which was plenty big. Perfectly rolled burrito, nice and tight, and jam packed with fresh pico de gallo, nicely grilled steak, whole pinto beans, cheese, etc. We are from southern California and find this place to be legit. Yum!" —Yelper Panama R.

27. For the Love of Food Truck, Bellevue, Nebraska

"Amazing people, fast service, and amazing burritos! They'll change up the short and sweet menu every now and then, so I have yet to try more! Thanks to these guys for being available throughout sun, rain, or snowy weather! ;)" —Yelper Poli P.

"I had the roasted pork burrito. It was incredible. So juicy and delicious and bursting with flavor. I loved the added bits of french fried potatoes in there too." —Yelper Jim L.

28. Jefe's Taco Shop, Las Vegas, Nevada

"Burrito lovers, if you want a big time burrito, Jefe's Taco Shop is a must. Easily one of the best burritos I've ever received. Three forms of protein and the guacamole were a great blend inside the warm toasty tortilla." —Yelper Phil P.

*Please note that Jefe's only does mobile catering at this time.*

29. California Burritos, Nashua, New Hampshire

"Wow. Hands down the best burrito I've had in a long time!! Perfectly seasoned, fresh ingredients, and well-cooked high-quality meats." —Yelper Ryan H.

"I recommend the mango pico on your burrito — it is the perfect blend of hot and sweet. This place puts Chipotle to shame, in food and in service. It's a must if you're in Nashua." —Yelper Ethan H.

30. Chanos Latin Kitchen, Pompton Lakes, New Jersey

We ordered delivery last night and it was the most amazing burrito I've ever had. [...] There was not an ounce of grease anywhere — every bite found us in a chorus of 'Mmmmmm.' The pulled pork melted in my mouth!" —Yelper Amanda P.

31. El Chile Toreado, Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Exceptional food. I am blown away by how simple and delicious my burrito was. Also, everyone who works there is so nice! Highly recommend." —Yelper Ramani A.

"I am pretty sure that every burrito I've had at El Chile Toreado has been life-changingly amazing. I only ever want to get burritos from here!" —Yelper Amy M.

32. Jajaja, New York, New York

"This place is AMAZING! And they are open LATE! The burrito will blow you away and the chorizo taco...Yum! One of the top three VEGAN spots in Manhattan! GO!" —Yelper Paul D.

"For my meal, I had the chorizo burrito. This was a really good vegan take on a burrito. You could tell it was cauliflower rice and vegan meat, but it all came together very nicely. It was nicely seasoned and a huge portion. The three sauces on top were also really good." —Yelper Rosalie C.

33. Mountain Burrito, Morganton, North Carolina

"The only thing wrong with Mountain Burrito is that there are too many things to choose from to put on your burrito — and they are all good." —Yelper Alex H.

"Something super fresh and homemade for everyone — vegans, vegetarians, carnivores — they have something delicious for all of us. My favorite is their naked burritos with sweet potatoes and all the pickled veggies and guacamole! Five stars all the way." —Laura W.

34. El Azteca, Minot, North Dakota

"I can't get around their burritos to order anything else. Their fresh jalapeños have some good heat and the chorizo is very tasty. The food just makes your stomach happy!" —Yelper P. B.

"Best burritos in town. Hands down. I don't ever get anything else, and why would you? Want a breakfast burrito? Go here. Want an anything-else burrito? Go here." —Yelper Virgil C.

35. Mi Burrito Mexican Grill, West Chester, Ohio

"Awesome! A true hidden gem! When my wife arrived, they asked if we were first timers to the restaurant, and since we were, they let us sample almost every component of the burrito. Everyone was super friendly and my wife's California tastebuds agreed that this was an awesome burrito. If you get a fully loaded burrito, it's about the size of an American football! I definitely recommend stopping by and grabbing one!" —Yelper William M.

36. Cali Burrito Lawton, Lawton, Oklahoma

"This place is a hidden jewel. The food is excellent and I can never finish it. It is great to be able to create your own burrito, but like I said, it's a lot of food for a small appetite." —Yelper Susan N.

"I love burritos and I'm talking filled with everything and ACTUALLY folded the right way. I hate being told my burrito is too full — it's never too full! These guys make the GREATEST burritos and even put fries in them! Love this place!" —Yelper Hanna B.

37. La Parrilla Kitchen, Portland, Oregon

"I really enjoyed the food here (I had a Carne Asada burrito)! Good flavor, friendly staff, and big portions! I split my burrito in two to save for later." —Yelper Nikki H.

"Guys...I've never left a review before, but the burrito I just ate was stupid good. Perfect Carne Asada. Bruh! I wish I had four hands so I could give it four thumbs up. Lovely staff too!" —Yelper Max B.

38. Tacos Don Memo, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"My regular order for when I'm more hungry (and arguably Tacos Don Memo's claim to fame, despite its name) is the burrito! It is a BIG BOI stuffed with meat, rice, beans, lettuce, tomato, onions, avocado, cheese, and cilantro, and they even toast the flour tortilla to keep it closed and give it a nice crisp. These are so flavorful and filling without being sickening that I can eat the whole thing, and I have a pretty small appetite. The use of fresh, unprocessed ingredients with only a light yet savory sauce (no heavy quesos here) really sets this apart." —Yelper Alicia J.

39. The Taco Shop, Burrillville, Rhode Island

"Their pork belly burritos are a must-try item on their menu!!" —Yelper Dee L.

"Every time I go, the service is great and the food is delicious. They have fun and creative burrito specials, and their regular menu offers some surprisingly unique taste sensations." —Yelper Nicole C.

40. Fiesta Fresh Mexican Grill, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

"To me personally, a burrito is a burrito. It is either edible or not. The way I judge burrito joints is on their authenticity, the salsas, and extras. Here, everything was super authentic and the salsas and guacamole were fresh and delicious." —Yelper Patti H.

"One the best Mexican restaurants I've been too. It's no frills, but the food is good and the staff is friendly. I recommend the chicken fajita burrito. This place is also great for vegetarians. The beans are vegetarian." —Yelper Anuj B.

41. Jacky's Restaurant, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

"The Shrimp Wet Burrito is where it's at!! I get this burrito every time I go there and it's amazing every time! I recommend asking for the Jacky's sauce too. It's a little hot, but pairs perfectly with the burrito!" —Yelper Suzie K.

"The best place in town to get authentic Mexican food. The staff is friendly and service is excellent. A true diamond in the downtown area. If you're unsure of what to try, I suggest the Jacky's burrito, Christmas style!" —Yelper Chris W.

42. Carreta, Mount Juliet, Tennessee

"Best Mexican food in Nashville. Southern California Mexican at its finest." —Yelper Lori L.

"Best breakfast burrito we have had in FOUR YEARS!!! If we don't try anything else on the menu, you earned FIVE STARS for becoming our new Sunday morning go-to for breakfast burritos." —Yelper Frank B.

43. Taqueria El Crucero, Waco, Texas

"Best burritos in Waco. Oso burrito is the go-to. The place is a little small with limited seating, but burritos are huge and make up for it. Also, the lady running it is very nice." —Yelper Jason P.

"Great burritos for a great price. Really like how it has a drive thru window for the on-the-go crowd. The food is delicious and flavorful — you can't beat it." —Yelper Brian L.

44. Tacos La Pasadita, Green River, Utah

"Fabulous Mexican food. The best veggie, chicken, and steak burritos. Huge and tasteful. Plenty food for two teen boys. Also, friendly people are running this roadside eatery in the middle of nowhere. Worth stopping for." —Yelper Ulla S.

"This gem of a find in Green River was a perfect place for an authentic and delicious dinner. We ordered burritos and chips and guacamole. The burrito was big enough for us to share. Everything was delicious. Great flavors." —Yelper Leslie G.

45. Mojo Cafe, Ludlow, Vermont

"I'm from Cali, so I'm critical of Mexican food. However, this Creole-Tex-Mex provides a nice blend of flavors." —Yelper Ed K.

"Excellent food with unique choices. I had the shrimp burrito which had a very even level of spices. Definitely fresh ingredients." —Yelper Michael P.

46. Pepe's Mexican Restaurant, Richmond, Virginia

"I am vegetarian, so I love when the options are unique! I had the Goatacado Burrito. Very spicy and full of delicious vegetables including potatoes, avaocado and fresh spinach." —Yelper Jennifer C.

47. Pita's Taqueria, Enumclaw, Washington

"Fairly priced, perfectly marinated and cooked meat. Everything is in perfect proportion, and HUGE! I'm 46 and this was the best burrito I've ever had." —Yelper Brady C.

"One of my favorites is the Pita Burrito. If I find myself nearby around lunch time, there's no question if I'm going to stop. Great quality and amazing flavor at a reasonable price." —Yelper Mark A.

48. Rito Loco Truck, Washington DC, Washington DC

"Don't let the lack of rice and beans in the burritos dissuade you — this place is fantastic. [...] They toast the burritos after they wrap them, which adds a slight, but welcome crunch." —Yelper Jeff B.

"Not your typical burrito, but they still taste great! Their different combinations of meats and cheeses work really well together. Great flavor. Big fan of the OG and Mojito Ritos." —Yelper Bryan L.

49. Maria's Taqueria, Shepherdstown, West Virginia

"Maria's reputation precedes her. Great burritos. I had a regular burrito with beef. I liked that they used ground beef. Yum. Great meal." —Yelper Marc Z.

50. Café Corazón, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


"Best Mexican food in the area. The wet burrito with soy chorizo is so delicious, you'll dream about it." —Yelper Michelle C.

"Super fresh Mexican food. Love the tacos, but the wet burrito is something else. We've been coming here for a few years and have never had a bad experience. Love this place." —Yelper Marc S.

51. Fiesta Mexican Restaurant, Jackson, Wyoming

"Outstanding Mexican restaurant in Jackson. I like that it doesn't have a fancy sign, is off the main road, and is a family-run business. I had a pork burrito and my wife had the Carne Asada and both were excellent. Great food, great service, great value. Highly recommend." —Yelper Payton B.

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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