21 "Background Noise" Shows That Are Perfect To Work, Scroll, Or Nap To

    "I couldn’t care less about watching golf, but it doesn’t distract me and all the green is nice."

    Recently, Redditor u/fiwlfe asked other users the question: "What's your favorite 'background noise' show?" As someone who ALWAYS has to have some sort of background noise on, I was ~intrigued~. Here are some of their answers!

    1. Law and Order

    2. The Office

    3. Parks and Rec

    4. Forensic Files

    5. The Joy of Painting

    6. That '70s Show

    7. Golf

    8. How It's Made

    9. Gilmore Girls

    10. The Great British Baking Show

    11. How I Met Your Mother

    12. Family Guy

    13. Friends

    14. Criminal Minds

    15. Futurama

    16. Frasier

    17. South Park

    18. Any docuseries narrated by David Attenborough

    19. 30 Rock

    20. Baseball

    21. And lastly, The Simpsons

    H/T r/AskReddit

    Note: Answers have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    What are your favorite "background noise" shows? Tell us in the comments!!!