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    21 "Background Noise" Shows That Are Perfect To Work, Scroll, Or Nap To

    "I couldn’t care less about watching golf, but it doesn’t distract me and all the green is nice."

    Recently, Redditor u/fiwlfe asked other users the question: "What's your favorite 'background noise' show?" As someone who ALWAYS has to have some sort of background noise on, I was ~intrigued~. Here are some of their answers!

    1. Law and Order


    "I've seen each episode so many times that I know which one it is just by a few lines of dialogue. It's awesome random noise while cleaning or whatever." —u/Born_Chucker

    "The episodes are formulaic enough that you can not pay attention for ten minutes, look back at the screen, and still basically know what's happening." —u/PM__ME__STUFFZ

    2. The Office


    "The Office is a consistently quiet show — there are only occasional points where it gets loud or there's yelling. I think that's what makes it nice to have on in the background." —u/beatscribe

    3. Parks and Rec


    "I’ve watched it enough times that I don’t feel impelled to keep track of the story, but love it enough to still be entertained." —u/babyweblueit

    4. Forensic Files


    "I listen to it while I paint my nails." —u/TangoIndiaTangoEcho

    "There's a bazillion episodes of it on YouTube, so I put it on while I'm working. I really like the narrator's voice and sometimes I learn something neat about forensic science." —u/lovelylayout

    5. The Joy of Painting


    "It's what I put on YouTube when I wanna nap. It's especially soothing when Bob Ross works on paintings that heavily involve the knife. The tapping on the easel is so relaxing." —u/runjimrun

    6. That '70s Show


    "I put That '70s Show on at night on low volume to help me fall asleep every night." —u/orangecrushh99

    7. Golf

    Stuart Franklin / Getty Images

    "I couldn’t care less about it, but it doesn’t distract me and all the green is nice." —u/timp_t

    8. How It's Made

    Science Channel

    "It's the best show to fall asleep on the couch to." —u/BradWarden0047

    "One of my favorite bedtime shows — it’s SO SOOTHING!" —u/milkandket

    9. Gilmore Girls

    The CW

    "My wife watches Gilmore Girls in the kitchen. I installed a TV in there about 10 years ago, and it's literally never been used for anything but Gilmore Girls DVDs. Anytime she does anything in the kitchen, it's on. When she finishes Season 7, she goes right back to S1:E1. This has been going on for a decade." —u/DenL4242

    10. The Great British Baking Show


    "Everything about the show is so pleasant — the people, the saturated colors, the food they're baking — I turn it on when I want to nap, and I'm immediately cozy and calm." —Me

    11. How I Met Your Mother


    "There are so many little sketch scenes that you can enjoy without paying much attention to the overall story." —u/meziofifezio

    12. Family Guy


    "With Family Guy, most of the jokes are nonsequitors or callbacks, so if you zone out, it's not like you're missing too much." —u/ConneryFTW

    13. Friends


    "Around Fall, I always start falling asleep to Friends — I don't know why! It's just a sleepy, fall-time show for me." —u/dearthofkindness

    "It's like white noise with some laughs." —u/DM-YOUR-BOOBS-GIRL

    14. Criminal Minds


    "It used to be something I paid attention to, but now it's specifically for internet browsing." —u/bravesgeek

    15. Futurama

    Cartoon Network

    "You can tune in and out and still find something funny whenever." —u/ThrallCheated

    16. Frasier


    "I need to hear ‘Sherry, Niles?’ while I work every now and then." —u/computer_crisps/

    17. South Park

    Comedy Central

    "When I fall asleep to it, it feels like a weird, fucked up fever dream. It's hilarious." —u/idkwhatmyaestheticis

    18. Any docuseries narrated by David Attenborough

    BBC One

    "David Attenborough — the narrator — is my go-to. His voice just lulls me to into a peaceful place." —u/Mistersinister1

    19. 30 Rock


    "30 Rock has the best music for background noise. It's a lot of easy, breezy dialogue with light, cheery music. I find it perfect." —u/Kid-OK

    20. Baseball

    Kirk Irwin / Getty Images

    "The sounds are soothing and you barely have to pay attention." —u/dirtypotlicker

    21. And lastly, The Simpsons


    "It has enough episodes to go on forever without reruns, and it's got that early-2000 nostalgia that makes me feel like a kid again." —u/bowlOfCoal

    H/T r/AskReddit

    Note: Answers have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    What are your favorite "background noise" shows? Tell us in the comments!!!

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