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    21 Before-And-After Pictures Of Pets Who Were Adopted During Quarantine

    I think I found a silver lining...

    With so many animals finding their forever homes during quarantine, we simply HAD to ask the BuzzFeed Community to show us their new family members!!!

    Without further ado, here are some of the floofiest, sweetest, and CYOOOOOTEST submissions we got:

    1. Banjo

    "Banjo at 8 weeks and then at 13 weeks!"


    2. Figulus Caesar, AKA "Figgy"

    "Our previous pup of 12 years passed away last summer, and we vowed we would wait at least a year to get a new buddy. That all changed when the quarantine started — we realized it would be the perfect time to adopt, and within a week we had found our boy! We got him right at 8 weeks (he’s now 15 weeks), and he is a SNACK. His name is Figulus Caesar ('Figgy'), which is Latin for 'Hairy Potter'!"

    Sarah Galatioto-Ruff

    3. Mia (and Her Babies!!!)

    "My husband and I adopted this sweet girl on April 1 after responding to a post on Instagram about a stray cat outside an apartment complex. We named her Mia but have nicknamed her Mama Mia! Much to our surprise, we soon found she was PREGNANT! This week, she gave birth to three adorable black kittens! She’s a wonderful mother and such an affectionate kitty cat. We love her so much!!!"


    4. Patty

    "Our little (big) Patty Girl was adopted from a no-kill shelter during quarantine. She was rescued from a dogfighting ring in a nearby city and was at the shelter for a year before we found her. The owner of the shelter said they thought she was going to stay there until she died because she’s a pit bull. Patty is the sweetest baby and scared of her own shadow — she has a huge heart open for love even after many years of abuse. We love her so much already and hope she enjoys her new life as much as we enjoy having her."


    5. Tripod

    "This is Tripod. I adopted him the morning that the Illinois stay-at-home order began. He had one of his legs amputated when he was 4 weeks old, but that doesn’t stop him from causing lots of trouble! We’ve had lots of time to bond these past few months, and adopting him is one of the best decisions I’ve made. Left is the day I adopted him, top is him and my other cat, and bottom is today!"


    6. Ceres

    "I adopted sweet Ceres at the beginning of quarantine from a questionable place with multiple litters. She was underweight and so, so tiny at 6 weeks old. She didn’t know how to eat or drink properly, so for the first couple of weeks, I spoon-fed her milk every two hours. Now she insists on eating her kitten food at the table with us! She’s a healthy, clever, sassy-as-hell 13-week-old kitten who follows me everywhere, gives lots of smooches, and smiles all the time!!!"


    7. Wilson

    "Just before quarantine, we adopted Wilson! He was a stray covered in mites with bald spots and a double ear infection. Now he’s a healthy, happy, very good boy!"


    8. Picante

    "This is Picante! When I first met her at the shelter, she was meowing to be let out of her cage. She weighed 8 pounds on March 28. I immediately fell in love with her beautiful coat and her very spunky or ‘spicy’ — hence 'picante' — personality. She now enjoys long walks around the apartment with her purple cat harness on!"


    9. Mia

    "This is my quarantine kitty, Mia! She had been in the shelter for over three years when I adopted her mid-March. I suspect it may have been partly due to her constant 'buzz off' look (pictured left). In the two months I’ve had her, that look has never returned. She now enjoys a life of fluffy blankets, cat TV, and feather toys. I'd be losing my mind in quarantine without her!"


    10. Poppy

    "This is Poppy! She was rescued from the side of a highway. I’ve had her for a week now, and she loves to play ball, bark at squirrels, and get her belly rubbed. So happy to have her in my life!"


    11. Dorito

    "We adopted a tripod cat we named Dorito a few days before quarantine. She was skinny and had been passed over in favor of young kittens and 'normal' cats. The moment we saw her, we knew we had to have her as part of our family. She is now healthy, happy, and putting on some quarantine weight!"


    12. Monte

    "Monte was born with medical issues, and thus, his breeders threw him away. Monte had never been in a home before he was rescued. He had no energy and was a sickly 3.6 pounds when we got him. But now, with the help of our vet, he is up to 6 pounds! He is now a hoppy little maniac and is best friends with our other two rescues: a German shepherd and a malamute!"


    13. Beowulf

    "We've had Beowulf for about a month now. His shelter told us he really didn't like to play, but he absolutely loves it now. He's obviously very happy to be with us."


    14. Lola

    "We adopted Lola on March 14, and two months later, I can easily say it’s the best decision we ever made!"


    15. Henry

    "Henry on his first day home and now!"

    Savannah Dragomanovich

    16. Anchovy

    "Anchovy scared in his carrier four weeks ago and today!"


    17. Seven

    "Seven, adopted right before Texas shut down, vs. today, a week after we started reopening."


    18. Coco

    "March 16 vs. May 8. I knew I was gonna adopt Coco within two minutes of bringing her home as a foster!"


    19. Artemis

    "Artemis when she was in foster care, and now settled with us and her brother Niles!"


    20. Kegger "the Three-Legger"

    "I adopted Kegger (the three-legger) after she got her leg amputated — she was so scared and timid. Now she spends her days cuddling with her dog siblings."


    21. Tucker

    "Because of quarantine, I began working from home, so I figured it would be a good idea to foster puppies to help out and keep my older dog and myself entertained. Tucker was the second one we got, and we fell in love! The picture on the left was the first day we got him. He was super shy and wouldn’t come near us or go into our house at first. Now he loves to snuggle and is always trying to play with our other dog! He’s the perfect addition to our family."


    Welcome home, lil' love muffins!!!!!!!! 💖💖💖

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    Submissions may have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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