23 Bathrooms That Possess Palpable Dark Energy — I Will Not Be Explaining Further

    God, please don't let me ever have to use a mood ring toilet. Amen.

    1. This innovative use of a traffic cone:

    2. This throne of 1,000 little beady eyes:

    3. This...uh...artistic use of toilet paper:

    4. These apartment window tiles for your shower if you're into being watched, I guess:

    5. This ✨glamorous✨spot to drop a doink:

    6. This carpeted toilet with complimentary butthole stain:

    y’all i’m at my friends house and i go to use the bathroom and-

    Twitter: @badbitchbeys

    7. This gold, lion head–adorned poo poo throne:

    8. This counter that gives off the perfect appearance of pristine cleanliness:

    9. This 1,000% visible toilet:

    10. This toilet that feels like a warning:

    11. This inevitable toothbrush slide!!! WEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

    12. Four words, one terrifying concept: Mood. Ring. Toilet. Seat.

    Extremely distressed by this ‘mood ring’ toilet seat I just saw on a craft FB group

    Twitter: @EmilyHatzar

    13. This innovative ✨Pinterestization✨:

    14. This welcoming view!!!

    15. This crafty idea that should've stayed in someone's Notes app and never seen the light of day:

    16. This ✨forbidden love✨:

    17. This "target practice" lid???

    Twitter: @UncleDuke1969

    18. Yup:

    19. This CARPETED bathroom where nothing makes sense and nothing matters????????

    20. This interesting design choice!

    21. This toilet that was installed logically and not at all unnecessarily 😌: 

    22. This threatening throwback:

    23. And lastly, this toilet that looks the way I imagine dying feels: