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    19 Bars That Are Seriously Living In 3019

    Raising The Bar For Other Bars™.

    1. This bar that shows you what each beer looks like before you order one:

    u/tavir / Via

    2. This bar that has an ice strip to keep drinks cold:

    u/Wolfos31 / Via

    3. This bar whose menu shows you just how strong and ~experimental~ each drink is:

    u/kfodnes / Via


    u/beanyburger / Via

    5. This bar that shows how much of each beer is left via digital kegs:

    u/dylanm561 / Via

    6. This bar that rewards safe drivers who opt to leave their cars overnight instead of driving drunk:

    u/rawdr / Via

    7. This bar that installed Questionable Sanitary Head Rests™ for intoxicated urinal pees:

    u/oxfordattic / Via

    8. This outdoor bar that provides sunscreen along with the condiments — and at nighttime, they switch to bug spray:

    u/drakenkorin13 / Via

    9. This bar that exclusively hires Deaf bartenders and teaches its customers how to order in American Sign Language:

    u/Zeeaaa / Via

    10. This bar that offers lockers that can charge your phone:

    u/westcoast_eastsider / Via

    11. This bar that serves Tetris tater tots, thus making it socially acceptable to play with food:

    u/zhangman01 / Via

    12. This bar that has a urinal with NOT ONLY a splash guard, but ALSO a place to put your drink:

    u/Th3B055 / Via

    13. This bar that has a Breathalyzer built into the wall:

    u/fusionman51 / Via

    14. This bar that offers a safe solution known as an "Angel Shot":

    u/john0703 / Via

    15. This bar that has a glass window in the bathroom so you can still watch The Big Game™ while you're takin' a tinkle:

    u/rearle / Via

    16. This bar near the Mexico border that teaches its customers how to be a good guest in another country:

    u/mgfreema / Via

    17. This bar that repurposes lost credit cards as guitar picks:

    u/mrmoogshoes / Via

    18. And lastly, this bar that offers a *special* toilet for you to yarf in:

    u/Luis_9466 / Via

    H/T r/mildlyinteresting

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