19 Landlords Who Belong In The Landlord Hall Of Shame, And 9 Who Are Actually Surprisingly Good

    *crosses fingers that landlord will leave out some Lobby Chili™*

    1. This landlord who painted over this ol' ✨Ragtime Roach✨!!!!!!

    my landlord painted over a fucking roach

    Twitter: @chellzyeah

    2. This landlord who allowed this electrical situation to go on:

    NYC LANDLORDS: It’s not that bad in the apartment. THE NOT THAT BAD APARTMENT:

    Twitter: @Snow_Blacck

    3. And this landlord who was really freakin' nice for a change!!!

    4. This landlord who got their tenant a new gas oven, but just wasn't in the mood to install it:

    5. This landlord who PLANTED A SURVEILLANCE CAMERA?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    6. And this Good Landlord™ who came around to this long, floofy non-rent-paying tenant:

    7. This landlord who literally reached out to a landlord Facebook group for advice on how to scam people out of their security deposit??!??!?!!!!

    8. This landlord who, ya know, thought their tenant was a _GOVERNMENT AGENT _and then did THIS?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?

    9. And this actually iconic landlord who used his creativity with this one!!!

    i sent a photo of my leak to my landlord and he sent it back as elton john??

    Twitter: @jamierosedee

    10. This landlord who "patched" the carpet, indeed:

    11. This landlord who TURNED OFF THE HEAT DURING WINTER IN MINNESOTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    12. And this landlord who graciously made their tenants some chili and enacted ✨Freezing Fridays✨!!!

    13. This landlord who banned cooking in kitchens, naturally:

    Message from a landlord; don't cook meals in the kitchen

    Twitter: @FensterDJ

    14. This landlord who painted up the place REEEEEEEEAL nice:

    yes id like the landlord special please

    Twitter: @smallestslime

    15. And this cat-lovin' landlord who understood the importance of photographing the situation:

    16. This landlord turned fashion expert, apparently:

    thinking about this exchange with my landlord in February

    Twitter: @flamencolambada

    17. This landlord who requested 11 more cents, please 💖:

    landlords really dont deserve rights

    Twitter: @memehoer

    18. And this suuuuuper understanding landlord who accommodated their tenants whose income dipped during the pandemic:

    19. This landlord who took their job a little TOO literally:

    20. This landlord who, to quote Smash Mouth, "ain't the sharpest tool in the shed":

    21. And these A++ landlords who bestowed the lovely and relieving gift of FREE RENT FOR A MONTH!!!!!!!!!!

    22. This landlord who truly, truly — in their heart of hearts — cares about the safety of all of their tenants:

    23. This landlord who got quite creative with this repair job!

    24. And this 10/10 landlord who finally came around to the idea of their tenant having a dog!!!!!!!!

    25. This landlord who tried to justify raising rent with THE LITERAL BIBLE.......?!??!!!


    Twitter: @rachelbelllll

    26. This air quotes BIG FINANCIAL HELP air quotes:

    27. This landlord who had the gosh dang nerve!!!!!!!!!!

    Texted my landlord to tell her that the fridge is broken and I stg this woman responded with “are you sure? It worked fine in 2017.” Like oh okay ma’am sorry I hadn’t considered that

    Twitter: @jaynooch

    28. And lastly, this landlord who is either the best or the worst, solely depending on how you feel about Star Wars:

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