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16 Times Landlords Did Their Best, And By "Their Best" I Mean Not Nearly Enough

Landlords: What would we do without them?

1. This landlord who took their job very, very literally:

I had to finish my landlords job. from funny

2. This landlord who gave a friendly heads up about ongoing building tours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Landlord left a note saying that we need to be prepared for tours from 8:00AM-8:00PM for two weeks. from funny

3. This landlord with the most effective ~in case of emergency~ plan:

My Landlord is super serious about fire safety. from pics

4. This landlord who GOT 👏 THEIR 👏 ELEVEN 👏 CENTS!!!!!!!! 👏

5. This landlord who valued their tenants' safety above all else 😌 🙏 :

Discovered tonight that the carbon monixide alarm in our apartment hasn’t had a battery for the entire time we’ve lived here and that it was ‘plugged in’ to two slits my landlord had carved in the wall.

6. The landlord who "installed" these (quite honestly inspiring) lamps:

This is how the landlord fixed the leaky ceiling. from funny

7. This landlord who responded to complaints of a dead rodent smell like so:

A rodent died under our sunroom this winter and stunk up the house. This was my landlord's answer to fixing the smell... from WTF

8. This landlord who installed brand-new windows!

My landlord got the house double glazed while I was away and they’ve put the kitchen window in the bathroom and the bathroom window in the kitchen

9. This landlord who technically didn't lie:

Landlord said neighbors are quiet.. from Wellthatsucks

10. This landlord who had a weird flex, but OK:

This is my landlords response to a simple text. No previous convo nothing what you see is what you get. from iamverysmart

11. This landlord who installed this *RARE* R2-D2 shower head:

When I told my landlord my shower head was leaking, he said he was going to hook me up. This is what I came home to. from pics

12. This landlord who issued this warning to various drug-dealing tenants:

Landlord put this up cuz the neighborhoods won't stop selling meth from facepalm

13. This landlord who left :) a :) hose!!! :)

Moved into a new house. Landlord said water the lawn, we left you a hose. from Wellthatsucks

14. This landlord who deserves an honorary mention for their pettiness:

Centrists: C’mon, folks. Stop being mean to landlords. They have human empathy, just like the rest of us. Landlords:

15. Mike the Landlord™ who kept his message clear and concise:

Found this note in my mailbox from my landlord today. Too awesome not to share! from pics

16. And lastly, I leave you with this possible solution to landlord problems:

Landlords be like “it’s an old building” alright then I’ll pay old rent, here’s 20 bucks it’s a fortune

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