Clare Crawley Is The Next Bachelorette And Here's What Twitter Thinks About It

    We love a fake–baby bump queen!

    Soooooo...Bachelor Nation alum Clare Crawley was just announced as the next Bachelorette!!!

    The 38-year-old hairstylist appeared on Juan Pablo's season of The Bachelor (where she sported a fake baby bump upon meeting him), Bachelor in Paradise (twice), and The Bachelor Winter Games. But this time, SHE 👏 IS 👏 IN 👏 CONTROL. 👏

    For the most part, people are pretty psyched about getting a Bachelorette who isn't a 22-year-old aspiring Instagram influencer:

    Clare as The Bachelorette coming in to absolute OBLITERATE these 22 year old Instagram influencers. What a legendary move. #TheBachelorette

    This one paragraph perfectly sums up exactly how I feel about Clare being named #TheBachelorette

    #TheBachelorette not picking a child whose resume only consists of being an “Instagram influencer”

    All the 23 year olds from Peter’s season when they heard they lost #TheBachelorette spot to an actual mature woman:

    Me getting ready to throw hands at all the people calling Clare too old like women expire after 30 #TheBachelorette

    However, others were...uh...NOT so happy:

    Making Clare Crawley the bachelorette is has actually solidified my theory that bachelor producers have 2 brain cells. Lets have a bunch of mid 40yr old men date 38yr old Clare just so we have middle aged men ready to date the infants from Pete’s season for BIP #thebachelorette

    when i heard the Bachelorette announcement *cries in Tayshia* #TheBachelor #TheBachelorette

    Did we want Clare? No Did we want Peter? No Did we want Hannah? No Did we want Arie? No The producers thrive on ruining any trust we have in them #TheBachelorette

    Others criticized the diversity of the show because they went with yet another white, blonde-haired woman:

    I love how the Bachelorette producers’ idea of diversity is a blonde woman who’s just a bit older than the other blonde women they considered. #TheBachelorette

    Me and the 5 other people on the planet who were still holding out hope that they might pick a Bachelorette that was not a blonde haired white woman: #TheBachelorette

    But given the decision, Clare does seem like someone who can hold her own and will give us some prime reality TV moments:

    Clare Crawley gave us this, so yeah I’m pretty excited about her #TheBachelorette

    I mean...her and the Therapist Raccoon™?!

    ALSO in case you’re unfamiliar with her, here’s Clare Crawley getting some emotional support from a thoughtful raccoon #TheBachelorette @Clare_Crawley

    And...ALL OF THIS THRILLING CHAOS?!?!?!?!??!

    Ok I’ve thought about it and maybe I love the idea 🤔

    Regardless of everything, here's to Clare, her moment, and yet another season of delectable Bachelorocity!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Special thanks to the petty trash women of Peter’s season for being so awful that they had to go looking to previous seasons for someone worthy of being the Bachelorette. Finally Clare gets what she deserved years ago! 👑🎉🎉🍾 #thebachelorette #BachelorNation #thebachelor

    What do you think of Clare as the Bachelorette?! Tell us in the comments!