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    17 Pictures That'll Make You Say, "Terrible Idea, But Brilliant Execution"

    I...I...I'm not sure if I'm horrified or impressed?

    1. This bean — *clears throat* excuse me — jean bag chair:

    u/ehzstreet / Via

    2. This tattoo of Jon...Sand?

    u/bcn_dbl_chz_brgr / Via

    3. This crocheted infant that you will never be able to unsee:

    u/JustANutMeg / Via

    4. This guy's chain mail suit (chain mail tie sold separately):

    u/Notagenome / Via

    5. This layered sandwich cake:

    u/YoureNotAGenius / Via

    6. This inconspicuous sequined pillow:

    u/Spencer0279 / Via

    7. These cheese grater acrylics:

    u/uhhsamurai / Via

    8. This trash fashion — or trashion, if you will:

    u/melrod524 / Via

    9. These ~repurposed~ and ~reimagined~ tennis shoes:

    u/jshinny1 / Via

    10. This painting that was allegedly hanging in a wedding chapel bathroom:

    u/nettiespaghettii / Via

    11. This Woody-Dragon Ball Z action figure that is NOT FOR SALE!!!!!!!!

    u/DKlark / Via

    12. This...yup:

    u/alienvato / Via

    13. The ultimate '90s tattoo:

    u/Astridasteroid / Via

    14. This dentist's waiting room:

    u/Panda_911 / Via

    15. This tooth-corn with grillz:

    u/IDoNotOftenReddit / Via

    16. This unnecessary-yet-brilliantly-executed suit of armor:

    u/best_of_badgers / Via

    17. And lastly, this couple's impeccable commitment to crocheting:

    u/alixcamille / Via

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