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    I Just Learned That The Chords To The Song "Pete Davidson" Spell Out "BAE" And Now I Need Answers

    LOOK AT HER MIND!!!!!!!!!

    So I'm guessing that if you clicked on this article, you're familiar with the estranged pairing previously known as Petiana Grandson.

    And you probs also know about track 14 on Ariana's album Sweetener, "Pete Davidson."

    Republic Records, Spotify

    Well, today as I was scrolling through Twitter, I ~happened upon~ a tweet that made my music nerd self HYPE 👏 THE 👏 F*CK 👏 UP. 👏

    I was looking up Ariana Grande guitar chords (I don’t have a guitar) and discovered the chords to “Pete Davidson” are just BAE over and over and I can’t believe I just wrote the Da Vinci Code

    Basically, this Twitter user saw that the song's chord progression spelled out "BAE" over and over again. 👀👀👀

    Yup, like "bae" as in "before anyone else," "baby," "babe," and "poop" in Danish.

    Safe to say, I was in music theory awe. Did Ari really just do THAT?!

    Republic Records

    Obviously, I decided it was time to put my music education to good use — I pulled up a virtual piano and CHECKED THOSE FACTS!!!!!!!

    And sure enough, when I played the chords B, A, and E along with the track, it worked!!!!!!!

    Music Choice

    (This means that different versions of the chord progression are either raised or lowered from the original key that Ariana sings it in.)

    So, Ariana — did you make the "Pete Davidson" chord progresh B, A, E on PURPOSE?! And if so, what other secret musical messages must we decode?!?!?!?!


    *in the Kansas/Arkansas Vine voice*

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