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Ariana And Pete Got Matching Tattoos, Moved In Together, And Also Went Rug Shopping

I am honest to God knocked out.

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In case you've been living under a large, recently-unearthed boulder for the last FEW WEEKS(!!!), Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson broke up with their longtime significant others, started dating, commented presumably dirty things on each other's Instagrams, and then *INHALES DEEPLY* got engaged.

Well this past weekend, the two also got matching tattoos with some friends:

"H2GKMO" allegedly stands for "Honest to God knock me out" which, according to this tweet, the singer says "300 times a day."

And THEEEEEEN, just YES 👏 TER 👏 DAY 👏 the pair took the next logical step in solidifying their relationship: THEY WENT RUG SHOPPING TOGETHER!!!!!!!

As you can see in the vid, there's Pete flashing his tum tum in the middle of some interior decoration store, presumably tired of bickering with Ari over whether to go with a natural-fiber rug or a more western hair-on-hide option.