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    18 Pets With Underbites That'll Make You Scream, "TEEEEEFIES!!!!!!!" At The Top Of Your Lungs

    T E E F I E S .

    1. This floofy snow angel *blessed* with those there TEEFIES:

    2. This concerned bulldog with ~glooooomy~ teefies:

    3. This kitty with big eyeballs and compact teefies:

    4. This pup whose teefies aren't trying to fit in his mouth at all, and that's okay!!!!!!

    5. This cat with SHOCKED TEEFIES!!!!!!!

    6. This grumpy teefy nug:

    7. This single-teefied overlord:

    8. This lil' floofer whose teefies are all like 😬:

    9. This calico bb with ~skeptical teefies~:

    10. This Frenchalicious fellow with PERPENDICULAR TEEFIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    11. SLEEPY TEEFIES!!!!!!!!

    12. Just T E E F I E S :

    13. These teefies that spark fear in the hearts of any and all who dare to cross this gremlin bb:


    15. These nap time teefies:

    16. But don't forget THESE nap time teefies!!!!!!!

    17. Erect teefies:

    18. And lastly, this guy with a serious mohawk AND teefy situation!!!!!!!!!!

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