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    Posted on Dec 16, 2017

    21 Things Everyone With Freakishly Tiny Hands Will Relate To

    "Do you like chasing cars?!"

    1. You exclusively wear children's gloves. / Via

    Which is actually a win for you because they're always cheaper and come in cuter colors.

    2. You can't really play instruments that well.

    BuzzFeed / Via

    Unless it's something small, like a ukelele or a mandolin.

    3. People always ask to compare hands with you...

    Atlantic Records / Via

    4. ...and you always worry that your hands are too clammy when you do.

    Starz / Via

    5. People constantly compare your hands to Donald Trump's.

    Getty Images
    Getty Images


    6. And you've heard the joke, "You know what they say about guys with small hands..."

    CBS / Via

    7. People ask if you can give handjobs.

    NBC / Via

    8. Everyone asks you to untangle their earbuds for them...

    9. ...and help open necklace clasps...

    10. ...and untie knots that would never budge otherwise. / Via

    Little fingers are good for something after all!

    11. You can really get up there when you're picking your nose.

    Channel 5 / Via

    12. You have to text with two hands. No room for negotiation there.


    13. You can't flip people off because they'll just think it's cute.

    TLC / Via

    14. You've probably been called something along the lines of "Baby Hands" at some point in your life.

    GIFROCK / Via

    15. When someone holds hands with you, they're usually kind of weirded out at first.

    Philippe Huguen / AFP / Getty Images

    16. Bowling is your worst nightmare because the bowling balls are always too big for you.

    17. You're prone to dropping your phone.

    Soul Pancake / Via

    And if you haven't already, invest in a Pop Socket. Trust me.

    18. You can NEVER find rings in your size!!! / Via

    So when you do, it's a goddamn BFD.

    19. You can't shoot a basketball or throw a football.

    FOX / Via

    20. Getting your nails done makes you look like a glamorous baby.

    Andreaobzerova / Getty Images

    21. But at the end of the day, your little hands make you special.

    Big Ticket Entertainment / Via


    NBC / Via

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