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    Here's What American Foods Look Like In Other Countries' Stores, And IDK, But It's A Little Disorienting

    You know we got that ✨Cool American Flavour✨.

    1. These "Cool American Flavour" Doritos:

    2. And these "American Style Cream and Onion" chips in India, aka "Sour Cream and Onion" in the U.S.:

    3. This comparison between American and Canadian Sour Patch Kids:

    4. The "American size" (aka SUPER-sized) jar of mayonnaise 😒:

    5. And sure enough, another "American Size," this time in Italy:

    6. These boxes of Cheerios with health claims that Asia did NOT endorse:

    7. This extremely stacked American food section in Ireland:

    8. Just the fact that Walmart's Great Value Macaroni and Cheese is sold in the "International Foods" section in Chile is......beyond me, frankly:

    9. These Arizona ice teas labeled with little tiny American flags!!!

    10. This bold assumption in Japan:

    11. These mini apple pies in Italy:

    12. And these — also "American" brand — Traditional Barbecue Marshmallows™:

    “Traditional” barbecue marshmallows

    Twitter: @erik_kaars

    13. This comprehensive chart of U.S. Skittles vs. U.K. Skittles:

    14. This QUITE PLENTIFUL(!!!!!!) American food spread in Ireland:

    15. This Japanese popcorn that claimed to be American but very clearly is not:

    16. This U.K. supermarket that tried, but missed the American mark by...a decent amount:

    17. And lastly, these Twinkies and Pop-Tarts in Sweden's Disgusting Food Museum 😌💅:

    H/T r/mildlyinteresting