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    27 Accidental Camouflage Pictures To Make You Pound Your Fist On The Nearest Surface And Inappropriately Shout, "What Is This Visual Trickery?!"

    *squints at screen*

    1. This finger with a very mysterious tail:

    2. This scarf that provided an opportunity for some good ol' ✨optical illusions✨:


    4. This cat who must've brought a picture of this very wall to the hair salon and said, "This is the color I want!!!!!!!":

    5. This accidental camouflage that is EASILY one of the hardest ones in this post:

    6. These lost glasses that clearly did *NOT* want to be found:

    7. This polka-dotted man in his polka-dotted chair:

    8. This coffee mug that's only giveaway was the lid:

    9. This lil' marbled cat lurking somewhere in this photo:

    10. These flip-flops that were the art that mimicked life:

    11. And this cat whose life mimicked art:

    12. This shoe:

    13. This tortilla that just so happened to be identical to this counter:

    14. This guy who could've ALMOST fooled me...(almost):

    15. This cat that seemed to vanish right before our very eyes!!!!!!!!!

    16. This bird that just so happened to align PERFECTLY?!?!?!!!

    17. This pug!!!!!!!!!

    18. And this "rug":

    19. This cat who was *literally* the eyes of the void:

    20. This photographer who camouflaged himself a little TOO well:

    21. These six — count 'em, SIX!!! — pills:

    22. This sneaky, sneaky building:

    23. This tissue box that disappeared right into its surroundings:

    24. This shag rug with eyes:

    25. This coffee mug and the coffee in it:

    26. This lil' lizard who hid in plain sight!!!

    27. And lastly, this dog who — despite all odds — made their best effort to blend in:

    H/T: r/AccidentalCamouflage