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    A 41-Pound Cat — And That Is Not A Typo — Is Up For Adoption

    41 pounds of ***CHUNGALICIOUSNESS!!!!!!!!!!!***

    Remember Bruno, the thicc polydactyl boye that everyone rushed to adopt?!

    Well luckily, it didn't take Bruno too long to find a warm, loving home.

    SOOOOOO internet, it's time for us to do our thing once again and help find a home for this utter CHUNGUS!!!!!!!!

    We just received a 41 pound cat! Barsik is extremely obese and needs a home that can help him get to an ideal weight. He is too big for our housing so is resting in the office. Come by Manhattan ACC at 110th/2nd.

    Barsik here is a 5-year-old male who's 41 👏 WHOLE 👏 POUNDS 👏 of love and chonkery.

    According to Barsik's Instagram bio, the lovable behemoth is setting out on a weight loss journey that he hopes will entice and inspire others.

    His foster mom's been posting Insta updates on what Barsik's eating as well as his overall health — he's currently making the transition from kibble to exclusively wet food, AND he has his first doctor's appointment this week!!!!!!!

    While he isn't up for adoption just YET, Barsik is currently in foster care at Anjellicle Cats Rescue in NYC to focus on kickstarting his weight loss.

    The rescue has also been reposting some *~exclusive footage~* of the chonker on their story:

    And it's... It's the Good Stuffs™:

    So in the meantime, be sure to also follow Barsik's progress (and adoption status!) on Instagram!!!

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