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Astrologers Told Us What They Think Will Happen With The 2020 Election, And I'm Shaking

According to these astrologers, we're in for a biiiiiiig one.

With the 2020 presidential election coming up, tensions have already been high — but with the planets going through some pretty weird and rare transits, astrologers believe that the stars' influence on politics will be ***EXTRA*** profound this year.

Curious to know what they think, we reached out to astrologers Aliza Kelly, Adama Sesay, Jake Register, Jessica Lanyadoo, and Lisa Stardust to get their hot takes on all things electoral and astrological! Here's what they had to say:

"What planetary transits are happening leading up to the election?"
"Specifically, what effect do you think Mercury retrograde will have on things?"
"Have these transits marked any other significant moments in history?"
"How do you interpret the astrology of November 3, 2020 (aka Election Day)?"
"What do you think America (and the world) will learn from this election?"
"Based on the stars, who do you think will win the election?"
"~ Final Thoughts ~"

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