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15 Costumes That 10,000% Won Halloween This Year

Choose your fighter: I'm Work From Home Barbie™!

1. This perfect visual depiction of 2019 vs. 2020:

2. Work From Home Barbie™!!!!!!!!!!

3. A Cosmic Brownie!!!!!!!

4. This dog who translated perfectly to ~meme~:

when memes come to real life (Kristin Cecile FB)

5. These ladies absolutely CRUSHED the mom TikTok trend!!!!!!!


7. Baby and Johnny from Dirty Dancing!!!!!!!!!

8. Five words: TONY. HAWK. AS. LARRY. DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tony Hawk as Larry David is the best thing I’ve seen all 2020, maybe my whole life

9. There were 2010-era Justin Biebers afoot...:

10. This artful TIE fighter!!!!!!!!!!!!

11. This lil' floof transformed into the world's cutest Webkinz!!!!!!!!


In honor of Halloween, here’s the vid of me turning my dog into a Webkinz because I forgot to buy a costume :)

♬ original sound - bradley

12. Bicon Rosa Diaz of Brooklyn Nine-Nine fame!

13. The "STONKS" meme, a classic:

14. This houseplant went as Beaker from The Muppets Show:

15. And last but CERTAINLY NOT least, I'd be remiss not to mention Steve Martin's incomparable Mike Pence (and fly) 😌: