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15 Costumes That 10,000% Won Halloween This Year

Choose your fighter: I'm Work From Home Barbie™!

1. This perfect visual depiction of 2019 vs. 2020:

Happy Halloween? from pics

2. Work From Home Barbie™!!!!!!!!!!

Work from home Barbie costume I threw together for a costume competition at work from pics

3. A Cosmic Brownie!!!!!!!

This may be my sweetest Halloween costume yet from pics

4. This dog who translated perfectly to ~meme~:

when memes come to real life (Kristin Cecile FB)

5. These ladies absolutely *CRUSHED* the mom TikTok trend!!!!!!!


Moms gone wild on Halloween✨#HappyHalloween #fyp #moms #potentialbreakupsong

♬ Potential Breakup Song - Aly & AJ


My friend had an incredible Grace Jones costume for Halloween. from pics

7. Baby and Johnny from Dirty Dancing!!!!!!!!!

No Covid puts Baby in a corner. My 2020 Halloween costume with my dog. from pics

8. Five words: TONY. HAWK. AS. LARRY. DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tony Hawk as Larry David is the best thing I’ve seen all 2020, maybe my whole life

9. There were 2010-era Justin Biebers afoot...:


If me and my gang pull up..... #fyp #justinbieber #halloween

♬ original sound - e_z_money8

10. This artful TIE fighter!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best last minute Halloween costume I've ever made from StarWars

11. This lil' floof transformed into the world's cutest Webkinz!!!!!!!!


In honor of Halloween, here’s the vid of me turning my dog into a Webkinz because I forgot to buy a costume :)

♬ original sound - bradley

12. Bicon Rosa Diaz of Brooklyn Nine-Nine fame!

I went as Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn Nine Nine this Halloween! from pics

13. The "STONKS" meme, a classic:

When nobody except people online will get my costume but at least I can get internet points. from pics

14. This houseplant went as Beaker from The Muppets Show:

We decided to let our house plant have a Halloween costume this year from pics

15. And last but CERTAINLY NOT least, I'd be remiss not to mention Steve Martin's incomparable Mike Pence (and fly) 😌:

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