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What Type Of Unicorn Are You?

Have you ever wondered what type of unicorn you are? Find out in this fun quiz!

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  1. You're trapped in a spooky forest, and you know that the most terrifying creatures roam here. What do you do?
    You hide in the shadows and wait for daylight.
    You want to explore, and while you're scared, you want to see what fascinating although scary creatures are concealed in the forest!
    You walk around the forest and look for any other trapped unicorns or animals to make sure that they're OK, and if you find some, you help them!
    You use your strong powerful wings to fly away, and use your horn to illuminate the dark night sky.
    You cast a spell to show you the brightest, safest, and fastest way out of the forest, occasionally stopping to inspect the curious creatures you see along the way.
  2. Because you live in a mythical world, you know that there are lots of unknown animals and plants everywhere you look. What would you be most curious to learn about and explore?
    Mostly the land itself, and the villages filled with gorgeous and curious shops!
    You want to make new friends with new and interesting creatures of all species!
    You want to go see all of the helpless animals and plants, and protect them from harm and nurse them to health!
    You want to fly over the village and also walk the land!
    You want to visit any museums, houses, or shops that have to do with magic and pure sorcery.
  3. Your ideal meal would be...
    Gee, well a blueberry muffin sounds delicious!
    A crazy delicious and colorful cupcake would be the ultimata dessert for me!
    Some tea or coffee with sugar really wakes me up.
    I can eat fluffy cloud-like Twinkies, or just regular foods like bread with butter!
    I like to conjure my own delicious foods with my magic!
  4. You have to complete a mission for the land of unicorns that requires you to pass through, go under, or fly over a human village. Doing this will risk you being seen and killed. To save all of the unicorns, would you do it?
    I don't think so. Humans scare me. I'm sure that there's another way to do this, right! Let a more powerful unicorn do it!
    If its to save the entire unicorn race, of course!
    Are you kidding? Anything for my people! I'd rather die than the entire community of unicorns!
    I can fly over the village so high with my strong wings so that they won't even see me!
    I will put a temporary two hour sleep spell on the entire village, so that I can safely pass through. They'll never even know!
  5. A human captures you and threatens to kill you unless you tell the where the hidden unicorn land is! What do you do?
    I would tell him where, but not tell him how to get in. I would leave that someone has to let you in out. He may figure out where the secret entrance and mislead a unicorn into letting him in, but thats not exactly my fault. It would be the unicorn who le
    I'd somehow lead him to believe I don't know where it is; I'm very good at talking my way out of things.
    I'd trick him, and when he's not looking, escape! I have to go protect my people!
    I'd use my powerful legs to kick down the bars of the cell, and fly away back to the unicorn land!
    I'd cast a spell on him to let me out, and then I'd cast a memory spell to make him forget that this happened, of course!
  6. Your best friend is dying of a mysterious illness. The cure lies within the terrifying forest that you were in earlier. She/he asks you to go get the cure so that they can be healed. You could go in the daylight, but even then, although the forest doesn't
    I'm just a regular unicorn, and I don't think I can do it. If I were, I would probably die.
    Anything for a friend! I'm scared, but I'll do it.
    I have to stay here and protect my kingdom. I'll have 50 of my best and strongest unicorns go get the cure. If all fails, I'll have my most trusted advisor watch the kingdom for a week while I get it myself.
    I'll fly over as fast as I can, and only land to quickly grab the cure!
    Yes, I will get the cure and heal my friend. I will use an ancient spell to cast a magically powerful forcefield over myself that will hide me and protect me from anything. Nothing can break this forcefield unless I want it to fade away! I know I can do i
  7. Your friends will most likely describe you as...
    Sweet, shy, a little vain and selfish at times.
    Bubbly, happy, electric, colorful, and nice!
    Regal, brave, strategic, wise, loyal, trustworthy, strong, stubborn, and head strong.
    Powerful, has the best of both worlds, loyal, brave, intelligent.
    Brilliant, wise, mysterious, curious, mystical.
  8. What do you look for in a friend?
    Loyal, kind, honest, just the classic great qualities.
    Friendly, sweet, honest, caring, and bubbly like me!
    Honest, blunt, loyal, trustworthy, empathetic, brave, peaceful, intelligent, wise, and kind. Someone who I could trust anything with.
    Accepting, flexible in the mind, non-judgmental, and brave.
  9. What is your favorite book genre?
    Realistic fiction, like "13 Little Blue Envelopes" or "Flipped".
    I don't really read.
    Dystopians, like "Red Queen" or "Divergent".
    Mysteries! Think Pretty Little Liars!
  10. Your Dream Home would be...
    Just a regular cute little cozy cottage, nothing fancy.
    A crazy colorful house with a pool, indoor tennis court, indoor jacuzzi, huge kitchen, and as many rooms as possible!
    Anything fancy and upscale but close to people, so that I can protect all the citizens of my kingdom.
    A beautiful, cloud-like house in the sky, with a roofless room so that I can fly down to the Earth or fly higher into the sky whenever I want to!
    A dark, mysterious, and old house. It has a secret room for me to practice my magic spells.

What Type Of Unicorn Are You?

You got: You're a Classic Unicorn!

Congratulations! The gorgeous silky white unicorns with fluffy manes that we see in movies and in books is you! You are majestic, curious, and quite stunning. Classic unicorns can be found in mystical forests, secret places in Ireland, and fairytale books. While you are the ideal and classic gorgeous unicorn, you are very rare. Anyone who catches a glimpse of you is lucky!

You're a Classic Unicorn!
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You got: Multi-Colored Unicorn!

Congratulations, you're the Multi-Colored Unicorn! The basic unicorn with a shimmery white coat is what is thought of when the word "unicorn" is heard, you are here to prove that wrong! Unicorns come in all shapes, sizes, and colors! You are definitely the life of the party, and your multi-colored, bright, upbeat, and electric majestic body is what attracts people to you. The sunny optimism that you and your horn radiate makes other unicorns want to be your friend!

Multi-Colored Unicorn!
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You got: Unicorn Queen!

Congratulations, you're the Unicorn Queen! You are the ruler of all of Unicorn Land, and you take great pride in protecting your people. You make strategic moves to keep the peace between other mythical creature kingdoms, and you would do anything for your people. You go and visit the villages as often as you can, and you do lots of charity work for the needy and homeless unicorns. You want to save the world, and you'll work to do so, your Highness! After all, you're the Queen of the Unicorns!

Unicorn Queen!
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You got: Alicorn!

Wow, has anyone ever told you that you're a beautiful creature? Well, you sure are! Although Alicorns are technically their own species, they're still part of the unicorn community! You are both unicorn and pegasus, which is a super rare mixture! While you love flying high in the skies with your pegasus and other alicorn friends, you also love grazing in the fields with your unicorn, horse, and other alicorn friends as well. Your wings and horn make other horses, alicorns, pegasi, and unicorns respect you, because you have the grace of the pegasus and the kindness of a unicorn. Don't ever let anybody exclude you from the skies or the earth; you belong to both!

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You got: Magic Unicorn!

While you are often feared by your fellow unicorns, those who get close to you will learn that your magic only walks in the white light of kindness and love. Unicorns may fear your mysterious and unusual ways, and thats OK. Let them, because your true friends will realize that you're one amazingly great friend! You only use your magic to help the ill, the needy, and the homeless unicorns that need a little push to get back on their hooves!

Magic Unicorn!
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