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Top 5 Things to do on a Sunny Weekend in Sydney

Best ways to squeeze every drop of sun out of a weekend in Sydney!

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1. Find a secluded beach

Milk Beach is a sneaky spot that looks onto the Harbour, and doesn’t tend to have manic crowds. Grab a picnic basket and spend a few hours nibbling and chatting, with sun on your skin and water near by you won’t regret it.

3. Hire a boat

Chartering a boat to explore Sydney Harbour is a brilliant way to enjoy the sunshine. Head over to Manly, and take a dip or explore some of the islands around Sydney. If you want a slightly different experience why don’t you hire a self drive boat and explore without a crew?

4. Have some beers

Venture to the Courthouse in Newtown, or grab a beer at some of the fancier outdoor bars in Sydney. If you are all about the savings head down Glebe Point Road and explore some of the quaint Inner Sydney bars that serve up some of the best cocktails cheap!

5. Don’t do anything at all

Sometimes the sun can make you so tired right? Well use this bright day to your advantage. Close those curtains, put on some Netflix and binge the whole four seasons of The O.C. without any regrets.

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