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Five Tricks To Update Your Student Digs

None of us want to break the bank for a catalogue bedroom, but we all secretly want it. Why not update yours with a few minor changes that will result in a massive difference.

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1. Colour


Adding a colour pop to your bedroom is a quick way to update it. Though be careful to not go overboard, less is always more. Grab a couple of Aztec throws for your bed, or go with boho cushions, and wall hangings. Just remember to pick a colour scheme, and stick with it.

2. Furniture

This will be the most costly update, but the best investment. Adding a chair to your bedroom, doesn’t only make your space more inviting but it is also a great way to break up your area. Stack up some of your favourite books, grab a throw, and you’ve got a reading nook. Buying a high quality chair, will allow you to reupholster it as it grows old, and out of style.

3. Plants


Plants are a one cost thing that if treated well can last forever. They add both colour, and freshness to any room and some even act as a dehumidifier for those wetter spaces. Make sure to do your research first though, as you don't want to over love your plant.

4. Prints


Carefully placing a few oversized prints above your bed, or around the room is cheap way to modernise. Focusing on wall art means keeping a simple room at all times in the year. This allows you to cycle images, and keep you room on trend. This is great for the lazy student, and definitely spikes your creativity.

5. Simplify

This is the easiest way to modernise your room, at the same time as getting rid of your junk. No you do not need that old movie stub, or that catalogue from 2008, get rid of them. Go through your cupboard and remove all of those unwanted items, as a rule of thumb if you haven't worn, used or even looked at it in the last year, chuck it.

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