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Why We Should All Team Up And Fight Santa

Hear me out.

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Like, who the hell is Santa to tell me whether I've been naughty or nice? What is the criteria? What if I've been going through a lot? What if I've had a rough year? Life isn't black and white, Santa, there are shades of fucking gray.


Also, I wouldn't want that bearded weirdo anywhere near my kids, if I had any. Why are your breaking into my house to give things to my children? Stay away from my kids, you freak!

Ya'll, we don't know anything about this guy and he's just coming into our homes. This is why I think we should all get together and kick Santa's ass! Or at least have him arrested.

I'm tired of his bullshit. I'm tired of having to walk on eggshells all year because I'm afraid I'll be put on the naughty list. I'm tired of this old bag of bones sneaking into my house. And remember, you can't spell "Santa" without "Satan".

This post idea came from community member ReBa5, who truly understands that it's time to get this guy.