Victoria Beckham's Mid-2000s Style Was Iconic

    Let's celebrate her birthday in style.

    Victoria Beckham is a style icon. The woman we know today is a mother, fashion designer, and businesswoman.

    Her style is impeccable.

    But the flawless Vicky we see today was quite different in the mid-2000s.

    This particular era of Victoria Beckham — 2005 through 2008 — introduced us to a different Vicky: post-Spice Girls, doing her own thing, being swarmed by paparazzi.

    She had a docuseries, Victoria Beckham: Coming to America, and everyone was obsessed with her and her husband, David Beckham.

    But this was also a dark time for her sartorially. It was a dark time for everyone.

    And being the trendsetter that she is means that she took a lot of chances.

    Some were cute...

    And some were, well...

    So, in honor of Victoria, lets take a look back to the mid-2000s style maven that inspired us and helped us become the fashion obsessed fans we are today.

    1. Not sure what this look is, but the fedora is the cherry on top.

    2. She takes her hat game up a notch and adds a scarf for a little pizzazz.

    3. Did you think Karl Lagerfeld was the only person who could pull off fingerless leather gloves?

    4. This dress is still totally cute today.

    5. This is how 2007 Victoria does soccer mom.

    6. Serving Vegas glam realness.

    7. Tea with the queen.

    8. I'm an Orange County mom with a high-fashion life.

    9. The princess of this gala.

    10. Never forget one of the greatest matching outfits of all time.

    11. Glitzy, sassy, demure.

    12. Giving leg way before Angelina stepped out in that black dress.

    13. No one wears David's pants as well as Victoria does.

    14. The chicest schoolmarm of all time.

    15. Real Housewives nightlife looks.

    16. City cowgirl.

    17. Sheryl Crow music-video vixen.

    18. Even sexy Baby Spice couldn't distract us from that dress.

    19. Free-spirited rich girl.

    20. Beachwear taken from Beyoncé's mid-2000s guide to beach attire.

    21. Quirky, neutral, and still very chic.

    22. Jessica McClintock does Italy.

    23. Menswear for the bossiest babe.

    24. These boots are everything.

    25. Fur wings that have been clipped, an angel that has fallen.

    Happy Birthday, Victoria!