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Tyga Doesn't Make Music For The Money

Music, he's talking about music.

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My focus is making music and being happy with the people I surround myself with. The frustrating part of being an artist is that I can do a whole interview, and all most people are going to see is the headlines. As artists, we should be able to write our own headlines.
I don't really want to do music for a job 'cause it's not fun when you do it for a job. It's fun when you just do it when you feel like it," says Tyga. "I just want to be able to build a studio in my home, and whenever I feel like making music, I just make it and put it out.
Fame is a thing that happens when you do something you love—nobody wants to be famous for the wrong reasons. It's not my goal, but if being more famous means I can get more music out, that's cool.
A lot of these songs that I've been working on for The Gold Album aren't too commercial. They're not too dark, but I still wanted to make it dark because headphone music always lasts longer than straight party music.