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    This Is What Adulthood Looks Like According To Stock Photos

    Growing up is weird.

    Growing up is tough. It requires you to make a lot of decisions you never thought you'd have to make.

    You have more responsibility...

    ABC /

    And sometimes you fuck up.

    But that's growing up.

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    However, there are other things about growing up that can be crazy, fun, and weird!

    You'll spend a lot of time staring at nature...

    Zoonar Rf / Getty Images

    And way more time just hanging out in your underwear.

    Comstock Images / Getty Images

    As you get older so will your parents (obviously). Which means you'll have to listen to them tell you the same joke over and over again and laugh like you've never heard it before.

    Jupiterimages / Getty Images

    You can have cookies for breakfast while you and your significant other check the Facebook account you share.

    Dann Tardif / Getty Images

    You'll try to show your coworker something and they'll laugh at you...

    Bartekszewczyk / Getty Images

    Or try to kick your ass.

    Jackf / Getty Images

    You might have to take mandatory classes to advance your career and scream internally when trying to learn something new.

    Omgimages / Getty Images

    You can drive without looking at the road...

    Minerva Studio / Getty Images

    And endanger your significant other's life by not wearing helmets.

    Digital Vision. / Getty Images

    The older you get the less you'll know about computers.

    Cathy Yeulet / Getty Images

    You'll spend a lot of time getting wasted at holiday parties and laughing alone in the corner.

    Eyecandy Images / Getty Images

    Oh, and you might turn into a dog.

    Moodboard / Getty Images

    Growing up is wild.

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