Twitter Reacts To Suge Knight's Collapse

    You'd collapse too if your bail was $25 million.

    Early Friday, Suge Knight collapsed during a hearing when his bail was set at $25 million.

    TMZ posted footage of the moment and Twitter was quick to react.

    RT @SKTV_: Judge: Bail is set for $25,000,000 Suge Knight:

    Leaked footage of Suge Knight in court

    "Marion Knight, your bail is set at $25 million."

    Live footage of Suge Knight's court hearing:

    Suge is going to sue Empire for 25 million dollars, because Jamal stole his bit.

    When Diddy heard Suge's bail was 25Mill

    Suge survived so many bullet wounds but this $25M took him asunder lmfao

    As a last-ditch effort to help his client, Knight's attorney, Matt Fletcher, accused the prosecutor of watching too much Empire.

    It's like she watches "Empire" and comes in and says, 'He was an unrepentant and shameless criminal. Prosecute him.'