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    James Franco Makes A Convincing Tommy Wiseau On The Set Of "The Disaster Artist"

    I'm so ready for this movie.

    Your fave artist/actor/renaissance man, James Franco, is currently on the set of The Disaster Artist, a film based on a book of the same name written by Greg Sestero.

    Greg Sestero???? Yes, THE Greg Sestero who played Mark in The Room. The Disaster Artist is his award-winning book about the production of the cult classic.

    James has enlisted his brother, Dave Franco, to tackle the role of Greg.

    And James, of course, is playing Tommy.

    Seth Rogen, along with James, is a producer behind the film and has also been cast as Sandy Schklair.

    Just try to tell me this isn't gonna be good...

    Just try it.

    Seriously, though, I'm excited about this. SO EXCITED!