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Serena Williams Gives The Best Answer To A Reporter Who Asks Why She Isn't Smiling


Never ever ask Serena Williams why she isn't smiling. NEVER.

Al Bello / Getty Images

Really, don't ask anyone why they aren't smiling. Some people just don't want to smile!

A reporter got the answer he deserved when he asked Serena, "What's wrong?"

Facebook: Squintz83 / BuzzFeed

And for a split second you can see Serena think about ripping this guy a new one for such an annoying question.

Facebook: Squintz83 / BuzzFeed

But she's too blessed to be stressed, so she doesn't.

Instead, she's just like, "Bruh, I don't want to be here."

Facebook: Squintz83 / BuzzFeed

Like anyone who's had a long day, she'd rather be in bed.

Facebook: Squintz83 / BuzzFeed

Honestly, this is the best response ever to such a lame question.

You can watch the whole thing go down in the video below!

Facebook: video.php

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