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    Let Shia LaBeouf Show You The Proper Way To Wear Sweatpants

    You've been doing it wrong.

    Who hasn't gone out in their sweats to run an errand? You've also probably tossed on a cozy sweater or tee without even thinking twice. Well, think again! Because if you haven't been tucking your shirt into your sweats, then you've fucked up.

    See, Shia knows. He's casual but ready for business. Everyone likes to be comfortable but why not be comfortable and ready for some serious shit. TUCK IN THAT SHIRT.

    Oh, and make sure to check the back. You don't want the back of your shirt sticking out of your sweats like some goddamn nerd.

    Your parents have probably told you a million times to tuck in your shirt, but who listens to them?! Let Shia be your guide.

    So the next time you're out picking up groceries or heading to the laundromat just take a second to tuck in your shirt. Your mom will be proud.