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Kevin Federline Calls Beyoncé Sawface, Has His Mentions Ruined

Kevin, stop.

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Kevin Federline -- who is busy doing gawd knows what -- decided to come out of nowhere yesterday to talk about Beyoncé.

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K-Fed responded to a tweet about Beyoncé's boobs with, "she looked botoxed."

*rolling my eyes into the back of my head at all of this*

And then followed it up with this:

So sad when a beautiful woman chops and screws her face up w/Botox and surgery... #sawface

And while Beyoncé is too busy making coin and living her life to even think about Kevin Federline, others were not about to let him get away with calling Bey #sawface.

@kevinfederline and you look like a box

@kevinfederline @TerezOwens you just worry about your Britney allowance and the 2 bank accounts she birthed for you. Lazy ass self

@kevinfederline so sad when a man has to criticize a beautiful woman to get people's attention.

@kevinfederline it's a shame people have to bash women to stay remotely relevant on Twitter. I hope this doesn't rub off on your kids.

@kevinfederline is kevin federline relevant

@kevinfederline oh god. Delete this

RIP K-Fed's mentions because the Beyhive has no chill.

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