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Is Joel Edgerton The Kind Of Guy To Hold A Grudge?


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Joel Edgerton has been acting for quite a while, but in the last few years his star has rapidly been on the rise. This year the actor made his directorial debut with The Gift, a film about the past and how the people you've hurt and things you've done can come back to haunt you. And while the film is dark, our interview wasn't. We decided to find out if Joel's the kind of guy to hold a grudge or let things go. It seems the actor is pretty chill about a lot of things.

We heard you're deathly afraid of spiders, so if your friends played a prank on you by hiding a spider in your bed would you hold a grudge or let it go?

I'd definitely hold a grudge. Grudge. I'd get revenge, I think. My brother does this. My brother made a movie called Spider about a guy doing just this thing. If he does that to me, I'm gonna get revenge.

Your significant other reveals a huge secret that completely devastates you.

Again, I'm examining this situation. If there's intent to hurt me, I may be holding a grudge. If it's an accident or sort of thing that's like an unwilling event, I'd let it go.

You're out with friends having a good time and you realize your fly is open and no one told you.

Uh, I'd get new friends. It's in the same category as food on your face, right? Friends tell you this stuff.

Your friends and family forget your birthday.

I got rid of those friends. Uh, my friends and family forget my birthday? I'd let it go. Not only do I let it go, I sing the song "Let it go."

You get in trouble for something horrible that someone else did and it completely ruins your life.

I'm gonna let that go. Assuming that they didn't make that happen, then I'd let it go. As long as this doesn't mean I'm in prison, wearing orange overalls on death row. If that's the case, then I'm holding a grudge. I'm definitely holding a grudge. I'm in prison!

Your neighbor kills all the fish in your koi pond.

Grudge. Definite grudge.

Someone makes up a horrible rumor about you and ruins your life.

I'd hold a grudge, definitely hold a grudge.

A friend petsits for you and loses your dog.

I mean, if it was an accident, I'd just let it go. I'd let it go.

A co-worker sabotages your chances of getting a promotion.

Grudge. It's all about intent, right? If a person intends to do something bad, grudge.

You go to your high school reunion and everyone still calls you by your horrible nickname.

I'd let it go.

Your neighbor borrows some Tupperware and they never give it back.

Keep my Tupperware. I don't have Tupperware! OK, if you borrow something and you never give it back I've now made two notes. I've made another note: Don't loan to you.

A friend tries to re-gift you with a gift that you gave them.

Uh, I'd quietly judge. I mean, that's not a grudge, but I'm definitely going to remember that. I'm absolutely letting it go, but I'd silently judge. I'd make a note, I'd make a mental note.

And, your friend starts dating your ex, whom you broke up with five years ago. Grudge or let go?

Does my friend have a conversation with me about it? Depending how it's handled, I could let that go or I may hold a grudge. Or I may pretend to let it go and secretly hold a grudge. I don't know, I don't wanna hold on. I might let it go.

So, so far I've got three grudges, two mental notes, and I've let a few things go.

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