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    A Little Reminder That Garrett Hedlund Is Awesome

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Garrett Hedlund is an actor, Virgo, former model, and native Minnesotan.

    And, now that it's been confirmed that he'll be in Tron 3 there's no better time to remind ourselves of how awesome he is.

    Let's go way back, way way back, to 2007...

    To that time he stole Lindsay Lohan's shine in Georgia Rule.

    Or maybe take a look at his first role in 2004's Troy, where he held his own alongside Brad Pitt, Diane Kruger, Eric Bana, and Orlando Bloom.

    Fast forward to today; he's got four Oscar nominated films under his belt, including Inside Llewyn Davis and Unbroken, and has starred in On The Road, based on the Jack Kerouac novel.

    He's performed two songs, one for Country Strong and one for Lullaby.

    And, he's dating one of the coolest women in Hollywood, Kirsten Dunst.

    He's come a long way since those days on a Minnesota cattle farm.

    Like, did you really think Minnesota could contain all that talent and sexy?

    Even Justin's like, dammnnnn dude.

    But, don't let his good looks distract you from his personality. He's very cool and down to earth.

    Every once in a while we remember that life is short, and to appreciate the time with your friends and family, and to be open to have beautiful exciting moments in your days and stop worrying about what's pulling you down.

    He's also not afraid to cry.

    What first made me want to be an actor was the first time I found myself crying in the theater.

    So, yeah, Tron 3 will probably be awesome.

    But, what's even better is that the world will be blessed with more Garrett Hedlund.