FKA Twigs Radiates Power On The Cover Of "Paper," Loves Cake

    "I'm not affected by what fans would think, or by people critiquing what I do."

    FKA Twigs exudes power on this month's cover of Paper magazine and delves into popularity, fans, and the many aspects of her music and videos.

    Anyone familiar with the singer's work is aware that Twigs incorporates a variety of themes and dance influences into her videos, the most common being voguing.

    With vogue, it's because I've done the roots properly. I made friends with a guy called Derek Prodigy, and I said, "Will you show me some moves?" So I got a studio, and I started going to Kiki balls [an entry-level vogue subculture], dancing a little bit, but not competing. I've never done a battle, because I'm not good enough yet. If I went and walked in a ball, I'd get chopped. You have to freestyle for so long, sometimes for 15 minutes. It's been two years and I can probably only do two and a half minutes. And then I'd be like, [imitates drowning person] "Sorry, I ran out of moves!"
    Probably writing songs, or producing. Or classical dancing, contemporary dancing. Vogueing. I need to get better at being in front of the camera, not feeling awkward if I go on the red carpet. Or when it's one of those moments where you're suddenly the center of attention.

    She also admits that she's not much of a fan of celebrities, except Marlon Brando and Prince:

    Probably Marlon Brando or someone like that. Even then, half those people were dead, so I knew the limitations of that relationship. I've never had that, "Oh my god, I've gotta wait backstage!" There is one person: I met Prince when he did a little show at Paisley Park in Minneapolis, where I supported him. I was a little bit like, "Wow. I met Prince." Because he is, obviously, so epic. But even then, he just gave me some black currant juice and we played table tennis.

    And while it may seem that Twigs is too flawless and unreal for this world, she's actually just like the rest of us when it comes to something:

    But I do love cake. I mean, I love it. Cake's amazing.

    Girl, we all love cake.

    You can find the entire interview here.